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A Flood Destroyed Our Road...Again

  • Жарияланды 2022 ж. 24 Қыр.
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    Well...it happened, again. Twice in a month our road has been completely washed out. This has halted progress on the American Hotel and everything else. It's been a very trying time, but if I've learned anything in the past 2 years or so, it's that the only way forward is through. So we got back after it and went about fixing the road, once again.
    Along the way, I took two side trips that really inspired me and helped keep everything in perspective. I visited the graves of the 1872 Earthquake victims as well as the Burro Schmidt Tunnel. Both really helped me this week as all this was happening. The stories for both are really interesting and I hope you took as much away from them as I did.
    More photos and video of Burro Schmidt here: brentwunder...
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    Mailing Address: PO Box 490, Lone Pine, CA 93545
    Thank you all so much for the ongoing support for this town and the project. It means the world!

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  • Kyle Bryant

    Ive been dealing with debilitating anxiety for over a decade now. I haven't left my house for anything for over a year. Because of this video I'm heading to a park overlooking my town to just breathe and find hope. Thanks Brent, this video really helped me.

  • naturalorange

    You need a civil engineer to do an water runoff & erosion control/mitigation plan. Imagine if this happened when you had a hotel full of guests and you are stuck waiting for the road to be cleared? Fixing the road permanently is going to be more important than finishing the hotel.

  • Andrew Bates

    Are you OK buddy? Things seem to have gone quiet. Love your videos, your enthusiasm and your constant positive attitude and approach to everything, even when life has thrown some curve balls at you guys. It's inspiring to say the least. You've encouraged me to get out there again, enjoy my surroundings and push to better myself.

  • June Peterson

    I am a 73 year old woman. I watch your show on a regular basis for maybe 6 mo. Even if things look dreary for you it really gives me something to focus on. I don't go many places but through you I can see things. Like this video, makes my life better and I want to thank you for that. So even if your life is somewhat crumbly at times rest assured you bring joy to others. Thank you.

    TRUMOO TM 9 сағат бұрын +1

    Hoping for better days that are sure to come and stay

  • Shane David

    It’s been a month. Missing you. Hope you didn’t get lost in a mine

  • maxine williams

    New Subscriber :-) What a lovely young man you are Brent. You are adventurous, funny, humble, respectful, hard working, and a genuine kind soul. I'm an old gal , born and raised in England. I have been fascinated by the old western days in America since I first arrived in 1985. How lucky we all are, to have YOU, who is so dedicated in preserving History, for all generations to come and see how the early settlers lived. What you are doing, is immensely admired and appreciated by so many people. You have countless wonderful messages. And I can bet, that folks will be talking about Brent Underwood, at Cerro Gordo Mines, for hundreds of years to come. Your video today, really touched our hearts. Henry Burro Schmidt, What an excellent example of determination, and never giving up. This is you Brent! You never give up, and you are a true example of strength for all of us. Take care of yourself, and keep doing what you are doing.

  • Bob Riley
    Bob Riley  +753

    Are you guys working with a civil engineer? My wife is a CE project manager and when I showed her the video the first thing she said is “that’s not a road, that’s a drainage channel”. She indicated you may want to check for a new alignment since this thing is going to constantly wash out the way it is. In short if you aren’t talking to a civil engineer you may want to consider it to avoid wasting effort.

  • Daniel
    Daniel  +4

    Hello Cerro Gordo. Hope you are doing well and your road is slowly getting repaired. Don't lose your faith and I hope we will see you back soon with your fantastic and inspiring video vlogs. Stay safe and strong, greetings from the UK

  • M.Odinson
    M.Odinson  +53

    Burro Schmidt was an absolute legend. Thank you for taking us along. Getting in his headspace was very interesting.

  • ПаШа Римир
    ПаШа Римир 4 сағат бұрын

    I don't think you even need a civil to work out the gradient of your runoff, at least not in the short term. It's obvious the road is the low spot and will funnel flood waters. Perhaps you can dig paralell trenches along the road for water to flow through. As long as you can slow the flow with boulders and rocks you may be able to stave off future erosion of the road.

  • Phoenix
    Phoenix  +2

    Sending you a big hug Kyle. I really hope the walk to the park soothed your soul.

  • Wes Harris

    I'm not worried, Brent. You've got a vision and you're driven plus you have tons of people who want to help, who care about what you're doing at Cerro Gordo. If I wasn't on the other side of the country, I'd be there on my days off to help. Drive on, brother.

  • Jonatc87
    Jonatc87  +152

    As much as it sucks to be delayed, this rain is IMPORTANT. It has shown a weakness you could've otherwise missed, had it not happened. Now you can make plans so it never effects you drastically again, as other commentors have advised.

  • Paragliding Prospector

    Hope the road recovery is coming along. Don’t give up hope!

  • Bud Perez

    Say Brent, what's going on, how is it going now..... haven't heard from you lately! Please update us with some news I hope is good news. Prayers for you Brent

  • mofoq
    mofoq  +21

    Burro's tenacity is what's amazing

  • Weronika Kosciolek

    Love your work, I've been watching since the beginning! love to watch the work progress and grow

  • PewPew
    PewPew  +11

    Thanks for covering the story of William Schmidt or "Burro Bill".

  • Paul Stallings

    100 years from now these videos will tell the tale of you and your drive to save the town. What an epic tale that might be.