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The De-Population Bomb

  • Жарияланды 2022 ж. 13 Қыр.

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  • Zeno's Grasshopper

    If there was any discussion of the mainstream media’s role in producing fear and nihilism in our society, I missed it. The media has played a starring role, and people too often overlook its culpability.

  • Corinne Jordan

    Great and enlightening interview. Millennials watched their parents-who worked their whole life and the entire family made sacrifices for-lose everything during the financial downturn. This is not just in the US but also in many other countries. In China, they have a 12/6 workweek and they have one of the largest populations of homeless people! Additionally, they watched their sandwich generation parents struggle under the weight of supporting aging parents, grandparents and also their children with “someday we will be happy if we just work hard enough” dangling carrot that never came. Millennials are not dumb, they know things have not changed and they don’t wish to suffer the same fate as their parents nor put their kids through what they, themselves, went through. The view of paying off costly education and obtaining solid financial footing prior to having children has been an on-going topic in many of my conversations with people of that generation and, the resounding answer is they have learned from the past that it’s better to pay off school, create solidity and time for their kids prior to having them. I find this responsible and if we can’t support these thoughts or affordable housing, they aren’t going to bring children into an unstable environment. Also, lets face it, they also know people who target kids (1 in 3 girls are targeted sometime in their life) are not prosecuted or obtain light sentencing and the school system is failing. This is really not a population problem, it’s a foundational problem and the first step to solving that is to understand you are not going to get them to lose their heart, nor their personal morals for a failed system with a lack of transparency or hope.

  • Craig Willms

    Let me say this, Peter is a consistently wonderful interviewer. I get more out of these podcasts than any other. Cheers.

  • Zeta Reticuli

    One of the issues raised here that I don't think gets talked about enough, is how all of these factors affect the human heart, and how instead we are treated like robots. Good interview.

  • M Cuch
    M Cuch  +1

    Add the 40% increase death rate to working age population- as reported by insurance companies in 2022

  • Blafonovision

    Do you think maybe, possibly, the transition from a rural to an urban society might have something to do with the birth rate?

  • Christian LeBlanc

    In my experience, there's a dynamic change in worldview when one starts raising kids.

  • From Ashes to Flowers

    29 year old childless woman here, I am married to a man with two of his own sons. I have thought about having a child with him of my own, but the thought is absolutely crippling. We can not afford housing or anything due to child support already, how on earth do I afford to have a child of my own?

  • visnuexe
    visnuexe  +801

    Even in the 70's the prospect of higher education was crowded with candidates for the same job. So much so many of us Boomers sought alternative routes, filling opportunities our BAs and BSes minimally qualified us, but where there were fewer people skilled in those allied fields. People began to realize a Masters or PHD in Aeronautic Engineering meant being over qualified for any job. Employers wanted to groom their candidates to their ways with internal training, so they could pay them less as an undergrad. By the 80's a higher degree meant you filled an administrative role rather than the very thing one became educated for doing, and wanted to pursue. If one didn't enter such admin role, the employer, and I mean any employer, simply wouldn't hire you FOR ANYTHING. One couldn't even work in a mail room. At least that was my experience. So the market was very tight through those years for high education slots within a company. Many went to work for the government as the expansion of bureaus needed very skilled people. So the whole system of advancement by educational attainment was a fairy tale for all but the highest GPAs. People like Steve Jobs, dropped out and started their own businesses. That gave many people hope through the 90's with Silicon Valley scooping up the brightest of those who could learn their way through computers and networking at a visceral level. The same for the pharmaceutical industry. The rest of us ended up in the service industry, the largest employer out there at widely varying capacities and potentials for advancement. This last recession taught workers that no job was secure, as massive layoffs and downsizing harshly taught. People became disaffected about their employers, hopping from one job to the next to seek the highest pay or benefits without any loyalty at all to any employer. So really the problem of education and lack of excitement in the workforce was the result of unsolved problems in the workplace being kicked down the stairs from one decade to the next. The folks down at the bottom of the payscale just got the worst of all these poor decisions by employers who no longer cared if the employer succeed or not.

  • Elizabeth Davis

    Having children is an act of hope. America's hyperpartisan fear-mongering has denied our younger generations hope.

  • Karen C.
    Karen C.  +472

    What a wonderful surprise! Dr. Eberstadt I just read for a 2nd time your important book "Men Withoit Work", and have preordered the new version coming out this month. Thank you so much for the work you do! Peter, your interviews are always the best!

  • Gerard Kiff

    Peter Robinson is 1000 times more intelligent that I am but he asks questions and then repackages it so I can understand. He’s so amazing at what he does.

  • Kevin P
    Kevin P  +503

    Bill Gates approves of this message

  • Julia Llama Bazanska

    The real estate argument is baffling. There are so many young people DESPERATE to buy their own home but can't afford it. If the housing prices fall to the level where all those young people can afford it, there won't be any excess housing.

  • Joseph Hartwell

    The real problem no matter what country you live in you never really can own your own land and our countries government owe so much money to their own citizens and have inflated the economy to the point that no one can afford rent to " own" land by government tax standards

  • Mr. NeedMoreMhz

    Thank you for sharing those insight . I think most people are aware of the population and birthrate declines. The reasons why are interesting and maybe obvious. The 40years of bad government and the society build on fears are interesting points.

  • Katherine O'Ryan

    The man's words are well placed, and he is well-thought in my opinion. All of what he said struck a chord with me. With that said, it is very depressing... and it is so much easier to keep my head in the sand.

  • T 2
    T 2  +746

    His comment about Fear is spot on. Absolutely the living theme of Gen Z, etc.

  • Griffin Fornell

    Always a good day when there’s a new upload from Hoover. Hope we will see more with Peter Thiel soon!

  • No one really

    People don’t earn enough to even take care of themselves, is it any wonder were not having kids?