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The Story & Footage of LA's Most Infamous Heist Gone Wrong

  • Жарияланды 2022 ж. 21 Мам.

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  • Wendigoon

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  • Stuart B

    Were any banks robbed while the 300 cops were dealing with this? What a perfect time for a bank robbery on the other side of town.

  • Zain
    Zain  +1

    'So while not 28 individual bullets, im still sure he was having a terrible time.' Wendigoon would've made a great reporter

  • Stephen Church

    The should have just driven in to a garage and swapped their paint color to drop their wanted level. On a more serious note, I worked with a guy on a construction crew who had just gotten out of jail for serial bank robbery so I can shed a bit of light on why he'd walk out the front door randomly. The guy I worked with usually did unarmed solo hits where he'd just walk up to the teller and demand $2k but, when he did go for the vault, he'd work in a team of three. One guy was in charge of getting the cash, one guy was in charge of crowd control and one guy waited outside to make sure that the planned escape route was still clear and came up with an alternate if it wasn't

  • Jowar 99
    Jowar 99  +529

    My dad was one of the cameramen in the helicopters, the police gave them bullet proof vests but they sat on them instead of actually wearing them because of where the bullets would be coming up from

  • Crazyscarecrow

    Not to defend Emile, but letting him bleed out was 100% retaliation for fucking with the badge gang

  • crazyeightsize

    Hey there Wendigoon, you were right the first time. The truck Emil tried to car jack was a 1966-1971 Jeep Gladiator.

  • calgarmaximus

    It's absolutely insane that historical footage can be copyright claimed

  • DeadeyeRF
    DeadeyeRF  +262

    "For KZclip this is.. airsoft or something"

  • Nancy T
    Nancy T  +235

    I remember this case well. It was insane watching it live. Thanks for putting this very detailed story together.

  • Edward J.S.

    I live in LA and bank robberies are very common here, so common that we see it on the news almost everyday and are like "Oh another one... well i'm gonna go make a sandwich". We hear about it all the time so you get used to it.

  • Eddie
    Eddie  +102

    Great video! I remember first seeing this when I was a kid and being fascinated by the lengths these two went to in preparation to just get killed in the end.

  • Bobrbw
    Bobrbw  +519

    This really is like an action movie. It’s thrilling, all filmed, and no one died except for the villains. And the people breaking rank also reminds me of it

  • Casual Cyberguy

    “He tried to remove someone’s head because he thought it was funny.”

  • Ben Smith
    Ben Smith  +81

    I’ve actually watched this twice amazingly well put together nice one man!

  • Evan Shearin

    It's really great to have someone making videos like this who is a firearm enthusiast and can explain what's going on with the various weapons. Also, good call on NOT describing how to illegally modify a rifle. When you started into that, I thought, "Come on man, don't just explain it like that."

  • Shepha372
    Shepha372  +47

    They were actually caught by Glendale police in Glendale, CA, not downtown L.A. That image you have at

  • For Meme
    For Meme  +963

    This video reminded me of a robbery attempt where I used to live. I was in a 7/11 in Texas and a guy pulled a pistol on the clerk and in the most Texan thing ever, 5, if I am remembering correctly, separate bystanders pulled their own pistols on him and held him there until the cops arrived. I love Texas, the people may suck sometimes, but we always help our fellow Texans.

  • Gucci Mane
    Gucci Mane  +242

    Hey, that Dentist you mentioned is a friend of my family. He went to high school with my mother. We call him “Uncle George” and he is definitely the dentist that patched up a person or two. I’m not full on details. But I’m glad you mentioned him. He received an award for what he did. His car also got lit up with bullet holes. On a side note he was also Oscar De la Hoya’s dentist as well. He made his mouth pieces during his boxing career. Once you said dentist office in a strip mall, I knew it was Uncle George

  • K1ssmyfast

    This reminds me of the guy who snapped and turned his bulldozer into a tank and had a war with the cops in his city. Wendigoon I’d love to see you do a video on this. The story itself is pretty crazy and kinda sad.