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  • Жарияланды 2022 ж. 25 Қыр.
  • You're not ready for this one
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  • iiDxnero
    iiDxnero  +20

    Crazy how Floyds actually stepping in with one of the greatest of all time. Hes got balls

    ITZRENZI  +975

    Praying for Floyd’s safety and sending prayers to his family if it ends up worse than I’d imagine.

    JOHNTWOK  +723

    Deji my guy, you stood by your words all these years and came out with 1 professional win more than all your haters, I wish you the best in this fight against Mayweather Jr.

  • Sonia’s Way

    Quite possibly the greatest KZclip Redemption Arc in History. Congratulations Deji, this generation is blessed to have you as an example to follow.

  • Jaime Chavez

    So proud of deji. He might not win, but he’s killing it

  • sShambles BO3 Emblem Tutorials
    sShambles BO3 Emblem Tutorials 7 сағат бұрын

    This isnt a flex… everyone is facing him now

  • John Boyle

    Honestly congratulations to DEJI. Not just on this announcement and his last win, but for providing us with confidence and a true example to not give up

  • Stratz
    Stratz  +258

    train your heart out for this Deji. no day's off you gotta work as hard as you can and do everything you can to prepare yourself. watch Floyd's latest fights and picture your openings and work on your technique and your stamina as much as you can. you won't be able to outlast him but if you find your openings and can effectively hit him multiple times he will go down and you will beat him in our eyes. you got this Deji!

  • Joshua Tovar

    Absolutely amazing, we are proud man it takes some serious balls of steel to keep going after so much defeat and hate from the internet, you're absolutely inspiring and I'm loving seeing you grow trough this journey.

  • Adam Fattal

    Congratulations to Floyd for managing to secure a fight like this. It will without a doubt take his career to the next level.

  • Rudy Regalado

    You're the man Deji! Proud of what you have accomplished

  • Taimur Qureshi

    The man who only won once vs the man who never lost once. What an exciting and unpredictable matchup!

  • Impostor

    If Deji wins against Floyd Mayweather I will conclude that we live in a simulation

  • Jacob Yeboah

    Madness. Your journey has been insane, to think you're gonna be in a boxing ring with Floyd is nuts, well done to you man you earned your cake👊🏾

  • Wajdi Safadi

    Congrats Deji, well deserved. Good luck with everything you do in your life. love your content.

  • Isaiah
    Isaiah  +1

    Love you Deji. I'm not the oldest fan you've had by far, but I love your content and effort. You're incredibly inspiring. You've. Got. This.

  • SHENs Stories

    Deji is the best example of the phrase "never give up"

  • ArnielCMG
    ArnielCMG  +11

    Wow. This hit HARD. And I've realized, I just need to gamble more.

  • Cole
    Cole  +1

    Let’s go Deji I’m mad proud of you, went from losing 3 amateur fights to winning a pro fight and now fighting FLOYD MAYWEATHER. Big proud

  • Charlie Rob

    Your story is one that everyone is going to remember. Doesn’t matter how many L’s you take you can still create a legacy