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Relationship Therapist Ranks Disney Romances

  • Жарияланды 2022 ж. 6 Мау.

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  • thestatusjoe

    Eugene’s “I finally said yes” is probably my favorite line in any Disney movie. That voice actor read it absolutely perfectly

  • NatTheCat

    One of the best relationships to me is David and Nani from Lilo and Stitch. David doesn’t even have to improve throughout the entire movie. He’s just as he needs to be from start to finish. He understands that Nani is under too much pressure to be in a relationship, even though he has obvious feelings for her. Instead, he is just there for her and Lilo, not just because he likes Nani, but out of the kindness of his heart.

  • Josh Kaid

    In defense of Aladdin. He didn't necessarily become "Prince Ali" JUST to impress Jasmin. He did it because, BY LAW, she can ONLY marry a Prince. So it was a little bit of a political move, not just a romantic one.

  • Lenathefirst _

    Rapunzel and Eugene are by far my favorite Disney couple. It might just be because I think they’re incredibly cute, or because I’ve seen the series as well as the movie and it expands on them beautifully. It’s also very nice how they don’t get married right away like so many other princesses, but instead take some time, and (especially if you consider the series), she gets to live her own life outside of a romantic relationship without disregarding it, before setting anything is stone. In case you hadn’t noticed, I highly recommend it, they’re far too cute the whole time and it’s pretty well written for a series aimed at children.

  • Joceline Faubert

    As someone who is also face-blind like Prince Charming, I totally understand why he was using the shoe to find her. Cinderella 3: A Twist In Time shows that he could tell girls apart, but he wouldn't necessarily know how to describe her.

  • WaxEnby
    WaxEnby  +211

    Ok, I need the Cinderella remake where the shoe fits a stable boy rather than Cinderella and the prince and the stable hand are just like "guess it's you I've been looking for"

  • Some Random Human Being on The Internet

    I feel like Tangled is less “bad guy with a heart of gold/bad guy with soft spot for girl” and more of a “nice guy with a heart of gold who tries to be a bad guy as a coping mechanism” he put up walls his entire life because he’s only known loss and loneliness. That’s what makes it different and I think that’s why it feels better than most “bad guy turns good” movies and storylines

  • Daria Strunina

    Hi! I'm dealing with a lot of physical pain because of hernia in my spine and I happen to go through it alone. and only you guys can really distract me here, I love watching you roasting romances most of all. You feel like a family to me, thank you so much!

  • Eveningkiss

    The last relationship reminds me of myself with my current bf. We seem to compliment each other and try to bring out the best. His family notices he is much happier. I feel more stable. I do woodworking and other types of artwork, and he likes metalworking so our interests intertwine a lot and we have a lot of the same goals

  • Yeety Dab
    Yeety Dab  +720

    In Tangled the two find love as a result of each other's honesty and kindness, rather than showing honesty and kindness because of love. That is what makes them by far the best relationship

  • Magiccazza101

    The thing I like about Fix It Felix and Calhoun is that Felix also has a thing where he realised that the words "Dynamite Gal" was a trigger for Calhoun because of her programmed trauma from her crashed wedding and never says it again when he's in front of her but only when he describes her to Ralph when they're alone. I know it's like a very low bar to set with "Don't trigger your signifant other and make them relive traumatic experiences" but I just really love the detail and teh fact that Felix really respects boundaries even if Calhoun never explicitly told him about hers.

  • Ashleigh Eichenberg

    Just to clarify. Eugene never claims to not be a thief. He admits to Rapunzel that he was being chased when they first met, and she never asks him about the satchel. That is why she asks him if the man in the story was a thief, too; even though he never outright told her he was or wasn't. He only lied about his name.

  • RM
    RM  +18

    O'Malley and Duchess from Aristocats are the most underrated Disney couple I think. Yet no one ever talks about their relationship. O'Malley was willing to take on three kids that weren't even his for Duchess! That says a lot!

  • Elizabeth Edwards

    The thing with Aladdin is he felt better about himself. He liked jasmine yes and he did it to be with her but subconsciously he just did it because it’s always what he wants and he was living that dream and it was hard to admit that what he always wanted and finally had was not what would make it happy it’s not what he needed. Even with the thing that would really make him happy right infront of him and even if he knows letting it go will help it’s still so so hard

  • broEye1
    broEye1  +25

    Seeing this made me realize something about a manga I'd commented about before called Momokuri. There's a love triangle that ended in a way I absolutely hated, and really it basically amounts to the "chemical rush" and the enjoying each other being completely separated. She has a boy she'd known since she was in diapers who she loves being around, who she always thinks of first before anyone else when she wants to talk about something or share something or just be with someone, who she can't help but admit she couldn't stand to lose above anyone else. Then she has a boy she met in the first grade who always gets her heart racing, gets her nervous and uneasy and all that stuff. But there's no crossover: she never once felt her heart skip a beat around the first boy, but really she has nothing in common with the second and all their interactions are awkward at best. Personally, I think she wasn't able to get that excited around the first because she's a little too close, making it hard to see or appreciate what she has or what she could lose, but either way she ends up choosing the second boy who makes her heart flutter, and I seriously can't buy for a second that their relationship will go anywhere good.

  • Cheetah Chica

    Oh my gosh! The Harry Potter and Marvel relationship rankings would be AWESOME!!

  • Jeff Brown

    One that's always intrigued is fatherhood in I Am Sam. Who is the antagonist? What is the threat and how can that parenting responsibility be managed in a complex situation like the one presented?

  • Anon
    Anon  +12

    Yesss, I love Calhoun with Fix-It Felix. Felix was an OG strong gal appreciator, lol.

  • Krendall2

    I'm surprised you missed Eugene reciprocating Rapunzel's "loving the real you" thing. At the end, when Eugene sees Rapunzel with dark hair because her powers are now gone, the first thing he says is something like "I love brunettes."

  • OrionsFaith

    I KNEW Fix it Felix's relationship was going to be #1! Love that movie.