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  • Sunny Luna


  • Laticia Cordova
    Laticia Cordova 2 сағат бұрын +5

    Congrats fam! I also purchased mine last months paid in cash. While watching this video I feel very proud of who I am and what I've accomplished. I'm glad I made a wise fina ncial choice that changed me. I found your channel you rock💯

  • MAMIedition

    The fact that she has made her own family has her partner BUT still did this FOR HERSELF and made this happen herself SHE really did this 😍

  • Serena Salinas

    You don’t need to explain how this isn’t your dream home. It’s not embarrassing to move into a home that’s not a mansion. You’re doing good things for you and your son that’s all that matters.

  • y
    y  +116

    You go girl showing all the Latinas we can get anything we want no matter what!! Alo so happy for you!!

  • Tahler Corbin

    “Make it jiggle, or make it jingle” i love the energy already!!! 🎉 SO PROUD OF YOUUU Alondra , you deserve it!!!

  • Jayla cabrera

    I love how you said “I” and not “We” in purchasing a home!!! You are so independent and a true influencer!!

  • Mylaiah Rankins

    This is the alondra I love to see thriving and evolving ! Seeing you go through what a lot of us go through mentally with anxiety and depression and to push through us truly lovely to watch love you girl your so humble !❤

  • Monique Angel

    Congratulations Alondra! You can tell how happy you are! She went through a little bit of depression and anxiety right? So maybe Benny is now going through something, we all have our good days and bad days and shouldn’t be so hard off on either of them.

  • Daniella Steyn

    If you are planning forever with someone you should celebrate their achievements as your own because it truly does contribute to the quality of both of your lives. Your time will come, uplift your partner when they achieve their goals instead of trying to make it about when you'll achieve yours. Each positive step you take as individuals will result in a better future for your entire family.

  • Janis Looez

    Y’all… Benny just went through & probably still going through having a close one passing & if you know when a loved one passes, it’s hard to do things even when there as exciting, alondra knows who & what she has.. don’t make his grey cloud worse.. kindness is what’s going to keep the world go round . Be humble people . May god continue to bless you Benny & Alondra 🙏🏼

  • Jess Peña
    Jess Peña  +176

    She’s smart for getting HER home. If things ever go left she has a place of her own. Love and INDEPENDENT WOMEN ❤️

  • Casandra A

    Benny said we’re not ready and Alondra said you’re not ready 😂 period sis!!!

  • Jesica Boren

    Congrats I wish we could have seen your dads reaction! I know he must be proud of his hardworking baby girls! You deserve it!

  • Janelle Mariah

    She said I want this, so she DID. 😍😍😍 so happy for you both! Proud of you Alondra !

  • Monique Garcia

    I love this chapter of her life, thriving & at it 🥳 it’s a huge accomplishment, regardless of what people say of everyone else’s reactions, this is YOUR MOMENT.

  • Kimagination

    Yessss girl that’s YOUR home! So proud of you and so happy that you didn’t listen to anyone and their negative comment about you buying homes. What a queen💁🏻‍♀️😘

  • Rc
    Rc  +25

    Wow me siento muy feliz por ti es increíble que hayas comprado tu propia casa tan joven sin duda eres un ejemplo a seguir esto es ser una influencer motivar a los demás a echarle ganas a no darse por vencidos y luchar por cumplir sus sueños y que si se puede aunque sea sola 💕espero algún día mis sueños y metas se cumplan 🥹

  • Arlahe Peña

    Not Benny looking super butthurt all video because Alo keeps saying she’s a home owner.

  • Stephanie Del Toro

    For everyone coming for Benny.. it’s disappointing to see. One of his family members just passed away and you have to understand it’s hard to try to bounce back with all the energy he brings in every video. Y’all are so easy to switch up. Regardless super happy for you Alondra! I’m rooting for you all❤