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Brewstew - Scariest Roller Coasters

  • Жарияланды 2022 ж. 23 Қыр.
  • And of course, the video about when I actually did get stuck on a roller coaster
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  • @thekinghomie7816

    I hope this man never runs out of stories to entertain us with

  • @nametato6712

    It brings back memories when he was taking about the corn dog. I haven’t watched brewstew in a

  • @RedLazer5000
    @RedLazer5000 2 сағат бұрын +2

    Hey Brewstew, if you want to have the expirience again with The Top Thrill Dragster, I suggest you go to Six Flags Great Adventure because Kingda Ka is there.

  • @charcharlaw7714

    I hope this guy never runs out of stories to entertain us with and thank you for telling us these stories

  • @user-pu8hg8wb1l
    @user-pu8hg8wb1l 7 сағат бұрын +1


  • @benboyrocks0

    As a former Cedar Point worker who worked all three of these rides, this made me laugh so much

  • @anomalocaris1513

    As a coaster enthusiast who's been at cedar point, this is hillarious!

  • @platinumplays9189

    used to watch this dude like 6 years ago when i was 10 absolutely crazy what this dude has accomplished

  • @macartzattack4794

    As someone who has rode all three of these rides, the magnum had a futuristic design bc at the time it was meant to be a sign that it was a broken record for its time, being 200 feet was "unbelievable".

  • @edwardfauver4424
    @edwardfauver4424 4 сағат бұрын

    They had #1 at kings dominion in VA before it got shut down it was called the hypersonic I vomited after getting on that following by up the hieghtful tower (Frances fancy tower)

  • @darktigersharkmax4432

    The little brother discrimination is crazy lmao. I love how every Rollercoaster name progressively has more screams added.

  • @brandons1spartan749

    One day brewstew will run out of stories to entertain us with so, every time brewstew posts I will never take it for granted

  • @danielg1295

    #11 on trending that's awesome you've earned it 👏

  • @elivossler3078
    @elivossler3078 3 сағат бұрын

    I love cedar point

  • @thecoasterboss9205

    The weirdest part about the Top Thrill Dragster incident was that the person who got hit wasn't even on the ride, she was just waiting in line and got hit by some piece of metal

  • @mamba7160
    @mamba7160 Күн бұрын

    haven’t watched one of your videos in a long time and you’re still consistent 🔥 you deserve a show by now

  • @georgea7341

    The fact that this video literally uploaded a few minutes ago and already has close to 1000 comments shows you this man's quality of content

  • @smtoonturkce5282

    man the coaster enthusiasts are gonna have a fun time with this

  • @soniasway9999

    As an Ohio native it’s nice to see an animator make a video about cedar point!

  • @JonnyGlessnerStormChasing

    I grew up in eastern Ohio, about 2 hours from Cedar Point. Been there probably a hundred times and this video seriously gave me extreme nostalgia. Good stuff lol