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we waited a year for THE WRONG OVEN!! & DIY Range Hood | XO, MaCenna

  • Жарияланды 2022 ж. 24 Қыр.
  • The perfect combination of paint colors for our kitchen thanks to Benjamin Moore! Check out Benjamin Moore’s online store to find your own paint samples, and to find a local store near you! www.inflcr.co/SHE8Q
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    Our kitchen renovation started with selecting the perfect appliances not realizing it would take over a year for them to arrive. With loads of anticipation, we started prepping for our range to arrive by DIYing our custom hood all for the WRONG one to arrive!
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    ❥ XO, MaCenna
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  • Maddie Malacopa

    Antique white is waaaaayyyy prettier than stainless steel so happy this happened for you 🎉

  • AutumnNicole

    My grandpa is a master carpenter and I tell him about your videos all the time and all your fun innovative ideas. It lets us bond and teaches an old dog a few new tricks. Thanks for bringing us closer together with your amazing videos!

  • C’est Liv!

    As Bob Ross would say “there’s no mistakes, but little happy accidents” I think your stove was that happy accident. It is really pretty and unique and it will go beautifully with the rest of the kitchen! ❤

  • Lone Fox
    Lone Fox  +691

    I love love love the antique white! That’s such a beautiful stove and you already know what I think about the range hood 😻😻😻

  • Intro to Music

    SO glad you went with the larger crown molding! Fabulous hood vent! That kitchen is going to be such a jewel when completed.

  • emerak
    emerak  +54

    The antique white is GORGEOUS WOWWW!!! Look at you just building and installing a range hood what! You just went for it and all of the skillsets you've been building up over this renovation gave you the confidence and ability to execute it! You are actually amazing and so inspiring!!! 💛🌙🌟✨

  • hello_danielle

    Honestly I think the white goes with the cottage home and the colors you have going. Now seeing the kitchen come together I feel like stainless steel could have looked too modern and sterile for your cozy cottage vibe.

  • Angie Lopez

    Omg I didn’t want the video to end!!! This is so exciting!!! You killed it 😀😀😀😀 I love these kitchen renovations. & that stove is beautiful 🤩

  • Rock City Cookies

    The excitement you have after completely a step in each process is my favorite part! The dances and high fives are just the best!

  • Victoria Love

    Love love love the antique white. I think that is the prettiest oven range I've ever seen. What a happy accident.

  • Emily Denny

    I'm finally catching up on several weeks worth of missed videos and OH MY GOODNESS at timestamp

  • Kathy USA-Iowa

    I just have to say...

  • Julie Butler

    The white stove is like a string of pearls for your kitchen, it is timeless! I love watching your beautiful home come together 💕

  • loiny zen

    This is all absurdly beautiful. Can't believe it's almost been two years!!!

  • Justina Venturino

    I’ve literally been salivating over this project . THAT OVEN BELONGS WITH YOU IDC 💖😍 don’t let them make you get stainless if you like the white better bc they’ve messed up the order twice at this point 😂 you guys are crushing it everything looks stunning

  • Vanessa Wellington

    Oh my goodness keep the antique white range it's absolutely stunning. I'm so invested in this kitchen I can not wait to see it finished. This is the room iv been wanting to see finished the most and the living room.

  • Eva Norvell

    Love the antique white stove! Also, a piece of advice--be careful of the finish you choose for tile. I have tumbled travertine, and EVERYTHING leaves a spot, even water! Make sure you get tile with a smooth, sealed finish so it easier to keep clean.

  • nomadine85
    nomadine85  +232

    The entire hood construction was so impressive

  • Eva Flores

    So happy there was a HAPPY ACCIDENT for your Range! That Antique White color is beautiful!

  • Ayesha Khan

    Love the progress you make each day. Also, something that makes your videos extra special, is your honesty. I’m sure I’ll keep watching this video multiple times, until the next one comes out. Sending lots of love and happiness your way, and may you keep inspiring us always. ❤️