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Huge Drama in the Smash Community

  • Жарияланды 2022 ж. 28 Қар.

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  • AntVenom
    AntVenom  +12

    Huge props for calling out Nintendo on their BS. And huge props to being able to explain the story so completely, even though the news just publicly broke. Respect for how deep into the Smash community you still are.

  • DC
    DC  +2

    I hope Alan realizes that if he actually gets what he wants and push comes to shove, a lot of people will just either abandon the tournament scene entirely or retreat to a private, no-stakes one where no broadcasting or monetization occurs. There's no real version of this where he comes out on top.

    DVNNY  +899

    Alan is gonna make himself out to be the victim and will cherry pick one or two of the responses online and say “the abuse I’ve been receiving has been making me depressed. I tried so hard to make this the best tournament ever for the community blah blah blah” Because that’s what narcissists do

  • ᚱᚤᛟ [Ryo]

    I feel like Japanese bureaucracy also had a hand in this. The amount of red tape someone needs to go through to get ANY kind of permission or official approval is mind boggling. From even just getting a bank statement, you need to be prepared to have to talk to managers and their superiors with every single piece of documentation that could be even slightly related. And expect a big fat NO even after going through these ridiculously extensive processes.

  • Austin
    Austin  +204

    Nintendo is doing something every manufacturing company does, you would just hope that they could read the room and see that a passionate fan base is a positive.

  • Metalona
    Metalona  +11

    Thank you Ludwig. Your continued support and speaking on our behalf for the better is an amazing thing to witness. Youre a true gem of a person.

  • Flame26667

    it’s so sad that nintendo does this everytime the smash community finally has something good going for them

  • Ferth 23
    Ferth 23  +319

    Alan is like that kid in school that pushed the laid back teacher too far and ruined it for everyone.

  • Ray Demarco

    It's also important to note: If you want to share your opinion on the matter definitely call Nintendo Support and leave some feedback. Do be nice though, the people that work there do not have any say in these kind of decisions and are fans as well who probably also have opinions on this situation, they just aren't able to say anything because they aren't allowed to. They do take down and pass back feedback though so definitely call if you would like to leave feedback but please be nice to the people you speak to if you do.

  • ultimateninjaboi

    Alan really out here pulling a "i killed your boyfriend, so now you can be with me," on the Smash community. And is, similarly, going to be shocked when the community doesnt just fall into Pandas arms.

  • Riddler 5

    Thanks Lud for all you've done and continue to do.

  • SilverDarkin

    Glad to see aimen doing a mogul mail, he made some good points on the smash community and nintendo as a whole.

  • Ultra
    Ultra  +3

    So Alan just threw the entire competitive community under the bus for his own needs?? Something needs to be done about this

  • Aetna
    Aetna  +13

    I use to really like Panda. Especially when they had the whole "Panda Controller" on Kickstarter. I also love Wadi and Marrs. But it's crazy how 1 person / one action can ruin so much respect I have for them. Don't get me wrong, I don't view the players who are sponsored by Panda different, but Panda as a brand is pretty shit in my eyes now.

  • Connor Knipes

    I think its awesome that ludwig still gets hyper passionate about smash being mistreated even after all the success he's found else where.

  • Daegog The Wyrdmake

    Perhaps if you are going to run a smash event, send a request for permission an hour before the event, it should be over before you hear back from them.

  • Lorentzen Montoya

    This Mogul Mail guy deserves an award. I hope this gets to Ludwig and he then calls out Nintendo on Twitter publicly.

  • David_ Silva

    Mogul mail just wanted to say that your degree in english literature and journalism was probably very worthwhile, your ability to analyze information, filter out fake news and just be clear and understandable when you tell it is amazing, so much better than ludwigs sincerely, love this channel keep it up!

  • Geno
    Geno  +3

    Alan seems like the type of person who would unleash a bucket of roaches in a restaurant to get it shut down, just because they got his order wrong

  • kipps
    kipps  +704

    "It's not enough that I should succeed. Others should fail as well" - Sun Tzu