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Ashton Kutcher Does First Sit-Down Interview With His Twin Brother

  • Жарияланды 2022 ж. 29 Қар.

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  • Saliha Bint

    I'm a mom of twin boys, one of whom has Autism and a developmental delay. Seeing how amazing Michael is doing has really touched my spirit and given me extra hope for my son.

  • kat dujka
    kat dujka  +607

    As someone with disabilities, this really helped out. Just the “I’m just grateful to be alive everyday”, is a big statement.

  • Toni Sharday

    The things Ashton does to make him so humble. He’s an amazing actor, has a charity against s3x trafficking, an amazing husband and father and brother, cheers to him.

  • Claire Snelson

    As a mother of twins, I get emotional seeing their bond. There is a special closeness with twins and it's an incredible blessing having a best friend to go throughout life with

  • Susan Freeland

    Michael should have a podcast. I was so tuned in to his speaking. I’m sure he has so much wisdom to share.

  • Katlin Marquez

    I remember a really long time ago when he came out about his twin brother, he talked about how he contemplated taking his own life in order to save his brothers. He's been one of my favorite actors since.. he's so under rated and he really cares and puts his efforts in the work he does!

  • NFL
    NFL  +296

    Ashton thinks the world of his brother and was proud to tell his story, I'm glad Michael came around and understood the assignment. I appreciate people who share their stories so the rest of us can be educated properly.

  • Kris Smith

    I've always thought Ashton was down 2 earth,always, this has probably always kept him humble, knowing how much his twin has went through. 2 very strong brothers🙏🏾🙏🏿🙏🏽

  • Lil Beau Peep

    Bravo for his bravery. We need a great person to bring awareness to CP and we couldn’t ask for anyone kinder than Michael. What a beautiful and much needed story. God bless the brothers and all that support them.

  • susan forrest

    It is evident that these brothers were raised right. They seem grounded and realistic about life. They are a testament to they small town, Midwest upbringing and the good job their parents did.

  • Jessica Marsh

    Ashton Kutcher does so much good in the world. He does so much more then what people realize. His foundation Thorn alone has helped SO SO SO many!

  • Robert Gatzke

    His brother is a legend. Very inspiring

  • Hazel
    Hazel  +4

    It would be so easy to be jaded about your twin brother being a huge celebrity, and on top of that, you being born with health challenges. But this man is living life and grateful for it, and now helping others. What a total legend and inspiration!!! What an exceptional person.

  • nyenepluishere

    Being a twin is the most intense lesson in learning about yourself through another person. This is beautiful. God Bless all of us born with a wombmate.

  • Lee Quinn

    As an outsider it's heartwarming to see the closeness between these siblings. Not everyone has such a strong family bond. It's wonderful to see MIla and Aston stay strong in view of his health scare. It could've turned into a life long debilitating struggle. Reminds me of Michael J. Fox and his wife, Tracy they obviously took their vows, in sickness and in health to heart .Compare that against other married celebs who dump their spouses at the drop of a hat or trade in their old wives for younger models. Getting a divorce is effortless for some, like changing soiled underwear. J Lo, Kimho & West, The Bradys, Holmes and Robach, Fergie and Josh, many other examples. Since they live their lives in the public spectrum they're fair game for ridicule.

  • Casey S
    Casey S  +27

    It must be hard to almost feel like you were the unlucky one, the one in your twins shadow and live like ‘why me?’ - but this guy is using his brothers luck to help others and to me that is more commendable than any film Ashton can star in, or size of cheque he can write.

  • Alexcia Kay

    Awwww. I happened to know their father he trained me when I worked for an airline who also has a speech impendemant...they come from a wonderful family & he always spoke on how proud he is of both his boys.💜

  • TheNaeNaeShow

    Maaannnn who raised these twins ??? Such a beautiful family I swear . Ashton is always helping ppl and now I’m introduced to his brother that’s the same way !! I just love it . Then on top of the fact Ashton and Mia is still going strong after the 70s show …..UGH love that for them

  • Trina Q
    Trina Q  +6

    I can't believe that I never knew that Ashton even had a twin until now! 😅

  • Yamen Zein

    I first heard about Michael a few years ago when I was looking for powerful guest speakers for our HR conference and I was looking for sample keynotes that they had delivered in the past. I was really taken away by his charisma on stage and his depth and genuineness. Unfortunately, we couldn't hire his services because the company opted to spend most of the budget on another keynote speaker so we didn't have enough left in the budget I am still looking forward to having him present for our audience.