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GUESS WHAT I GOT - Episode 3 - Minecraft Modded (Vault Hunters)

  • Жарияланды 2022 ж. 5 Жел.

Пікірлер • 799

  • ZeKilla
    ZeKilla  +457

    There could be no better timing, coming home from university and watching some Vault Hunters

  • Seth the dank lord

    It's a good day when, Grian, Iskall, and Mumbo all post a video.


    I don’t know why but for some reason learning that minecarts are a friendly creature made me really happy.

  • C W G
    C W G  +11

    6 GOLDEN APPLES IN 1 CHEST, holy crap had no idea those village houses were so good 😅

  • EternalFruit_

    Loving the series! Such a good modpack. Thanks for you and the dev team's hard work

  • Sleepless Jack

    I've been playing the skyblock version of Vault Hunters for the past couple of days and I gotta say, you and the dev team did a great job! Honestly one of the most fun modpacks I've ever played.

  • so basically...

    You know it's a good day when iskall posts a vault hunters episode!

  • Waifu Hunter

    This vault hunter series is so fun to watch

  • Jez M-L
    Jez M-L  +1

    I am loving the new version of VH. Utterly brilliant. Not as grindy as the previous and love the fact we have beginners grace as I am dying loads!! 😂

  • Red Archived

    I get so happy and excited when I see these have been uploaded, thank you iskall85 man!

  • Edvon Cool

    Man I love this series so much keep the good work up

    LEONÉ  +3

    I’m having a blast playing through the pack with my friends! Well done to you and the team!!

  • Hallideadly est

    did you know on your melon farm. redstone dust on top of observer is all that is needed, no noteblocks, or any other block needed

  • koiun dwrru

    Excellent episode, as always. Gem class was very enlightening.

  • 04x16

    I was having a really rough day so watching this before bed really lifted my spirits and made my day so so much better, thank you

  • GarryLarry890

    Joe is an absolute legend

  • aola wili

    I really like this series. It’s nice to get a little more knowledge about 1.18. I have had a lot of problems figuring out how it is working

  • ImDSG
    ImDSG  +5

    Omega third episode. The temple hills style is very promising, can't wait for what's coming next ! Also I love those speed up moments with just the sound of the game, it's pag

  • MinecraftDad457

    I love Vault Hunters content. I also love the Timelapse music during the ore mining. It makes me happy

  • Mr Splupper

    I really like seeing you construct some farms in between the vault runs! That was the one thing I felt was lacking in season 1 of VH. Hope to continue seeing some more of it in s2