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I Spent 24 Hours Shiny Hunting In Pokemon Scarlet

  • Жарияланды 2022 ж. 2 Жел.

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  • PM7
    PM7   +406

    What was the first shiny Pokemon you found in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet?

  • Pkmn Chat Official

    The ref deserves a raise. He did a great job declaring which Pokémon are shiny.

  • Akemi StormBorn

    The lack of shiny sounds have made it so Purplecliffe won't be the only one missing shinies anymore.

  • Trombonist of Nerdiness

    The amount of failed shinies here is why there needs to be a sound effect like with Arceus

  • Goldengold
    Goldengold  +175

    The best part was when he was tricked by that one guy who used their game to find a shiny, screenshot it, have it in an area he had been in and then post it to John, the effort he put in just to instantly be discovered and John laughing at him. Mad respects to him.

  • Connor Quig

    When I was playing Pokémon Violet, right after I completed the main story, I wanted to see the places I haven’t seen yet, so when I went to go find an iron valiant, but accidentally found a full odds shiny Sneasel instead. Then the very next morning I was just aimlessly roaming around and found another full odds shiny Arcanine. Then legit only a few hours later, I wanted to go get a frigibax, but I found a shiny Glalie instead! My friend was super ticked that I found 3 full odd shinies all less than 24 hours from each other.

  • JG-Memes
    JG-Memes 21 күн бұрын +4

    This man really goes crazy for a shiny. I wish I had that energy for reactions like that lol

  • SearingLlama

    My best shiny encounter was when I was walking between the towns to re-do the gym challenge and get use of my shiny charm, I found a shiny Tauros right after telling myself that I'd never find one since it was too similar to the not shiny, but the sun was at it's brightest so I saw it on the first group I came across

  • Larva Rewind TV

    We've been waiting for this moment for years, but it feels like the first episodes only came out yesterday, time flew by very quickly. I can't even imagine how much effort and love was put into this project. I was glad to catch the beginning of this story and all its development. I have no words to describe all the admiration and respect I have for the author.

  • King Dice
    King Dice  +25

    I know how fun yet miserable this was, but I enjoyed watching it

  • Aether
    Aether  +46

    In all fairness, if gamefreak had added the shiny sparkle for when they spawn (which isn't in the game for some godforsaken reason) he wouldn't have missed so many shinies.

  • Starwarschamp4

    I love the challenge ref for the missed shiny mons, very creative!

  • Jmess
    Jmess  +6

    This was fun to be a part of! Can’t wait for more shiny adventures in the future

  • Julius Pearce

    These are awesome shinies! glad I could be there on the stream for some of them

  • shadowsaber

    This was a blast to watch live and the video is great!

  • Dylan Opium

    No lie I wasn't even trying to shiny hunt and a shiny Girafarig literally ran up to me like "Hey dude whats up?!😃" and when I tell you I gasped! I felt all air escape from my body as pure excitement and anxiety took over

  • KevGaming

    It was really fun watching this live!

  • Zac Jansen

    I watched these streams live whilst shiny hunting myself. Loved every second of it. Can't wait to see future gen 9 content

  • Koadev
    Koadev  +3

    Loved watching the streams hope you do more like this 👍

  • RadioactiveFire

    the fact that a lot of these hunts were kind of similar to some of my experiences with the random encounter teddiursa, finding a shiny houndoom before finding a shiny roaring moon (in my case iron valiant) and also that iron valiant having a mark