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I collected the most illegal items in 7 days...

  • Жарияланды 2022 ж. 16 Қаз.

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  • Spoke
    Spoke   +615

    follow and I will upload again:

  • TheTerrain

    bro's just breaking the entire game for the sillies

  • account name

    few things to note when upgrading/downgrading worlds

  • Woogie
    Woogie  +1

    I love how you still don't wear pants, even if it's not Lifesteal.

  • Rays Works

    Thanks for giving me shout out on my raid farm! I ask anyone using my farms or tricks to link original video in description and mention me in the video please. It's the only way I get recognition for the 100s of hours to find these glitches.

  • Kedo
    Kedo  +260

    If I'm correct, couldn't you just hotkey the bottles into your inventory? On Hypixel Skywars, they give you 64 snowballs and if you click on it and place it back down in your inventory, you will have 16 for one stack and 48 for another stack. You can still retain that 64 value if you hotkey the snowballs around. Of course, that's in 1.8.9, but the same thing applies in versions beyond that.

  • :)
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  • Viverrn
    Viverrn  +116

    we gotta appreciate the fact that instead of spoke just going back to that one tiktok that talked about "THE RAREST ITEM IN MINECRAFT" he actually manually went through every version to figure it out

  • cronicsuiiii
    cronicsuiiii 21 күн бұрын +3

    I like how he still doesn’t wear pants even though he’s not on lifesteal. Respect

  • Grady Jones

    Small detail: he says 127 bottles, but the bedrock number says 172

  • tuko doidão :D

    fun fact: when you die at nether, the 5minutes timer for your items despawn does not runs when youre at other dimension (like overworld or the end) so if you die at nehter, dont panic, just keep calm and get your items back in peace

  • Iaroslav
    Iaroslav  +29

    Your chestplate would had no chance of despawning because chunks weren't loaded meaning the despawn timer would have been frozen.

  • Weredog Canivir

    I'm pretty sure if you drop the bottle by pressing escape while your inventory is full, you'll drop the full stack, then empty 1 slot and pick up the dropped stack, then you will have the full stack.

  • EndmostNIne1

    2 million or trillion bottles is enough to make my pc on life support

  • Neon Lights
    Neon Lights 21 күн бұрын +2

    It was actually possible to take the items in one stack. All you had to do was close the inventory screen and they would all drop as one "stack"

  • Jetster26
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  • Fuzing 4
    Fuzing 4 21 күн бұрын +4

    You haven't lost !!! The /seed command does not require any permissions in a solo world (even in hardcore). Obviously, you'll still need admin rights in order to execute /seed in a multi-player server because otherwise anyone could use the same seed on a creative world and locate all the structures, ores and things like that.

  • Zev0
    Zev0  +2

    You probably know this but items in unloaded chunks (aka anything not near you and spawn chunks) will not start their 5 min timer until loaded

  • U live u learn And regret

    btw if I remember correctly, every protection in the game won't stack well on armor, it eventually gets hard capped and most of the protections do nothing or are significantly weaker as all the enchantments level out

  • Dany Gamer

    actually the bottles is possible you need to be on a certain version of the game where it has bundles and has a glitch where if you take out the item the Crafting with a bundle it will double the amount of items that you get from the crafting so theoretically it might be possible and it can go infinitely