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Try Not To Laugh Challenge

  • Жарияланды 2022 ж. 5 Жел.

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  • Kallmekris


  • Melody Collins

    They knew that Shayne and Kris would be too powerful 🤣💀

  • koiun dwrru

    Ian and Courtney killed this one! Everyone was funny, but Ian as baby and Courtney doing a "Whatchu Say" homage was just crazy!

  • - starry !!

    Courtney: I didnt wanna spit on your jeans!!

  • Elisha Alexander

    Courtney’s “Mmm whatcha say” bit was masterful 😂

  • Elaw13
    Elaw13  +509

    Courtney: " I didn't wanna spit on your jeans" 😳

  • Issa
    Issa  +2

    Haven’t even finished the video, but i feel like Kris would do a

  • Fat Badger

    Noah was taking no prisoners with this one. Really came out swinging.

  • DakotasKong

    Kris full on getting on the floor her first turn is the kind of energy I need for everyone’s first tntl round lol

  • Karys Malfoy

    i’ve watched the courtney\kris scene like 5 times in a row and i cant stop cry laughing

  • K Macdonald

    "I'm very excited!"

  • Trash Otaku


  • B Huse
    B Huse  +3

    Kris is like what happens when Shayne and Courtney have a child and she's raised by Olivia.

  • missfaithers

    "He could look like anything, Kermit! He's a shamalayon!" is one of the best lines anyone has dropped in a long time! Pure gold!

  • Maurits
    Maurits  +8

    I literally got a Mario ad after the line "It's me, Chris Pratt". That was too funny

  • Colin Krueger

    Tommy gesturing to Ian: “Gotta put some talent in this guy, eh?”

  • Olivia Florence

    Kris and Courtney are the duo we didn’t know we needed🥺❤️

  • Karina
    Karina  +2

    Smosh has a unique talent for finding guests that are doppelgängers of the cast

  • 1Lanavis1
    1Lanavis1  +15

    I see Noah is taking on the screamer burden for Shayne