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You Need To Trust Me | Hacksaw Ridge scene

  • Жарияланды 2022 ж. 1 Қыр.
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  • TheLOOKOUTSquad

    Its still unbelievable that he still dragged 75 MEN to safety as his OWN CAPTAIN put it "what you did on that ridge is nothing short than a miracle"

  • DBAlex
    DBAlex  +2

    They didn’t wait nearly long enough 😭

  • Ver7ic ㄔㄗㄚㄦㄟ

    who else stood still and making sure you gasp a little bit of a air while watching this

  • Relatablehabitat

    Bro there is dirt in his eye….that is one heck of an actor

  • TearingUser935

    This is what Spider-Man meant by “stopped pulling his punches”

  • Mikuu San
    Mikuu San  +213

    Spidersense, he moved a little because he knew that this dude gonna stab him and miss

  • Dr Diabetes

    This story blows my damn mind. If there is a heaven, he's got a place reserved.. FUCKING HERO

  • Deepthi Kurian

    I was holding my breath as well. The tension is tangible

  • めろんぱーく


  • ElenarMT
    ElenarMT  +14

    I just cannot grasp how amazing the TRUE version was. They had to tone it down in the movie, in fear of losing credibility

  • Xsweat
    Xsweat  +409

    I got fresh piercings done on my nose and ears

  • SH
    SH  +6

    о Аллах так бережёт друга

  • Jay Yavid

    Anyone else thought he got up way tooo quick 😅

  • 성이름

    ??:간지 얼마나 지났다고 움직여??

  • Ольга Комиссарова

    Человечество должно жить в мире .

  • ABM
    ABM  +1

    Damn that soldier he covered up didn’t even get to take a breath and still held it for that long

  • ViCkY Craxer

    Movie Name: Hacksaw Ridge

  • smith denis

    This gotta be one of the scariest moments anyone can have 😮

  • Chris
    Chris  +4

    The full true story is so unbelievable. After saving 70+ people, a few days later a grenade exploded shrapnel into his leg up to his hip, and as he retreated a sniper shot him in the arm, shattering his bones, and he STILL saved 1 more person before saving himself. THEN he developed tuberculosis and had to have a lung removed, and he lived 50+ more years with 1 lung. The man was an absolute machine

  • PéroLLa🪐

    fez o que muitos não fariam "