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12 Minutes to Start Your Day Right | Oprah Winfrey - Motivational Speech

  • Жарияланды 2022 ж. 1 Жел.

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  • Joann R Clark

    My sister tells me that I need to release what is bothering me and move forward this is so powerful thank you Oprah and I thank my sister as well!

  • Mike R.
    Mike R. 28 күн бұрын

    Watched this with my wife of 36 years. This is so spot on. We both know we need to let the past, stay in the past. Our, my mistakes are done,over with. Can’t go back in time. It’s done. So now, must get on living, day to day, just do our/my best, and what will be will be. Happy New Years everyone.

  • Hk Parkbarr

    Thank you. Your message always uplifts my soul. This will be my motivational message for next year.

  • itsjayram
    itsjayram  +13

    Good stuff. The journey of learning about ourselves is so difficult because we have to let go of certain things. I’m still in the process of learning how to let go, and some wisdom from Alan Watts that might help is the following: “Everything is already in a constant state of decay. You can either choose to let go, or nature will do it for you. But because of the nature of the world, there really is nothing to hold onto.” Let go or be dragged. I wish you strength, friends!

  • vanessa wagan

    I appreciate this video and the powerful messages in it! ❤ thank you for sharing it!!

  • Cares

    Everything in this message is so right on. And, it's a daily practice in our lives. Believe me, this works so stick with it, don't give up.🙏😊💐

  • Zero & Up Tees

    Magnificent Meaningful motivational message. Thank You very much.

  • Heather Greene

    Words of wisdom ❤

  • Kgomotso Mokgatle

    Thanks, so much, very awakening spiritual message. Sometimes forgetting that I have the power to uplift myself from any obstacles I came across. God bless!

  • Meera Venkatesh

    Such profound words..May we all become enlightened.Thank you Oprah for sharing your wisdom 🙏♥️

  • Wajeehah Al-Uqdah

    Amen!!!! All praises due to Almighty GOD!!! Thank you for this...Thank you!!!

  • helen nyamutsamba

    Thank you so much, ...so real and encouraging....

  • LaKeisha Deneise Jackson

    It's worth it to want peace respect and too want a real life. Self respect is a lot

  • FlatStella1

    excellent video!! I needed that!

  • LaKeisha Deneise Jackson

    Motivation thank you and yes we all have flaws ..

  • Allie B
    Allie B  +2

    "Don't do dodgy interviews with liars to increase your earning power" would be a good start!

  • LaKeisha Deneise Jackson

    Privacy in ones or anyone's residency is what is deserved and should be respected and should be givin.

  • Sun Music
    Sun Music  +46

    Whoever is reading this I pray that God visits your home with healing blessings and miracles AMEN GOD bless you all abundance grace nd be encouraged stay safe in faith IJN Amen 😍😍

  • Mary Nena

    Hi Oprah,thank you for your good advise,as you know there are a bad people in this planet,trying to destroy families,people in a different ways up to now,if I didin't have God in my life I don't know where I will be,but I always praying for those people whose are abusing women in the hole world in a different ways as God knows, taken advantage of their power jobs,bad treats,liars playing with people mines.God comvert their lives.

  • Maryanne Linzer

    Good morning. Thank you for this message. I learned that I must do and be what I know my heart will soul knows to do.