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Is This The Death of VFX?

  • Жарияланды 2022 ж. 24 Қыр.
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    THIS EPISODE ► As Ai image generation takes the art world by storm, Niko sits down to see if he can harness its power and create the first-ever narrative story illustrated entirely by a computer.
    A message from Niko ► Hi there! If you’re reading this far, it’s probably because you want to learn more about this technology, and possibly want to run it yourself.
    The easiest and simplest way to try Stable Diffusion is through their official online tool, Dream Studio - beta.dreamstudio.ai
    Now, if you want to get in on the open source movement, you can have this up and running on most modern PCs for free. However, if you’ve never worked with open source projects before, there is a learning curve to get started. Don’t worry! With a little focused time you’ll be up and running, and there are many of us online ready to help.
    The two communities I recommend starting with:
    Official Stable Diffusion Discord - discord.gg/stablediffusion
    r/StableDiffusion - reddit.com/r/stablediffusion
    You got questions? Start there!
    At the studio we’re currently running AUTOMATIC1111’s version of Stable Diffusion. If you want to install it, here’s a guide: stablediffusionguides.carrd.c...
    Check out the other guides on that site as well, for other ways to run Stable Diff. You can even run it on the could!
    As for Dreambooth… you’re gonna need access to some serious hardware to run it. In time I’m sure this will change, but at this moment it is very challenging. Be forewarned!
    Here is the official project from Google: dreambooth.github.io
    And this is the implementation in Stable Diffusion I recommend you try: github.com/JoePenna/Dreamboot...
    I’ll be honest with you- I am no ML scientist, and I can’t break down in detail how the code works. This is raw experimental stuff, and frankly most of us have no idea what we’re doing. But we’re chipping away at it! I recommend stopping by this specific discord thread if you wanna help out: discord.gg/thwu44bc
    And finally, all of this is possible right now because of open sharing of knowledge and collaboration. Keep this spirit alive and share! You’re one of the pioneers- let’s learn from and support each other!
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  • @c0hink176

    Once AI learns to draw hands, it's all over

  • @XeroBlue
    @XeroBlue 3 сағат бұрын

    As an artist I think this is an incredible tool to use when exploring with ideas. I could use train in with my own art and boom watch an AI do my own style better than me lol

  • @djphlange
    @djphlange 4 сағат бұрын +2

    im sure AI could learn Madlibs and just insert random places, names and etc into stories and combining these two things....it would be a movie machine!

  • @lunalienray9379

    There will probably be a lot of legal and ethical issue in the future around this AI. Many artists do not want their name in the prompt and do not allow to use their arts to feed to AI.

  • @Pubeheadcodders

    Imagine doing D&D with this, would bring it to life. That is insane

  • @kanarokan6060

    This is so cool, but as a huge art fan who follows alot of artists, i can also see the danger of it. The ways it can be used to effect artists jobs really scares me.

  • @552jackie

    I love how whether it's real artists or AI no one can draw hands

  • @lovelytime1440
    @lovelytime1440 2 сағат бұрын +3

    Laser tattoos, A.I. Design and A.I. Art will replace a lot of us 😮‍💨

  • @journeyal
    @journeyal  +258

    I loved the moral implications that were raised at the end. Man. That is going to live in my mind for a bit. Thanks guys!

  • @hdrgamingchannel8947
    @hdrgamingchannel8947 4 сағат бұрын

    What option you choose to get that solid drawings?

  • @BrandochGarage

    Pure craziness! As an artist, it's pretty sad and interesting at the same time.

  • @user-mu9xt1ws4s
    @user-mu9xt1ws4s 4 сағат бұрын +1

    how would i look with this AI in some random franchises

  • @davidwells9756

    I just felt a disturbance in the air, as though millions of artists shuddered in fear all at once.

  • @nathanaelplatier

    This is a very interesting topic to me! I currently use Midjourney a lot and have even spread the tools for this to friends and communities. We even use it for our weekly D&D campaigns which has been super helpful for me especially because of my Aphantasia (a blind visual imagination).

  • @yogiedash5151

    honestly i am scared, I am a 2d/3d animation student finding this out freak me out a bit on if i will be able to have a job or retain it. I have a feel for the others as well, the concept artists, character designers, storyboard artist ect. When spend thousands on degrees and diplomas and years on the craft to develop our own style to make living or a name for our selves . What about us , those who haven't made it or have a job yet whos work can be taking within minutes by taking 10 of our images and never needed us again to replicate our style or artwork which took us years to master. I fear for students studying right now who taken it all to leap into art as a career and now its uncertain. I see alot of youtubers and artists especially artist youtubers who made it big talk about how this revolutionary or joke about it in a funnier manner I mean come on man it's my future job, or maybe it isn't , all I have is a pencil, pen, rubber and paper, my entire life that is my solace, epically when my dad died take that away from i have nothing and lose my purpose. Kind of not so funny or click for views when you take away another persons purpose as there path be it concept or background or animator. That's all i am saying just freaking me the hell out if i have a purpose or career for the future.

  • @rubenlo6221

    Nikos talk at the end is that of a true artist for sure. Respect others work and let people know of them and create and inspire your own.

  • @kiatoowna1

    This channel is gold. Always showing the newest tech, and implementing it in a creative way. Love how relevant you guys have stayed. Feels like the channel grew with me as I’ve gotten older. Love you guys

  • @oldkayakdude
    @oldkayakdude 2 сағат бұрын

    Next step- Animated AI generated content. Taking a system like this but enabling to ingest video as reference. I suppose the early versions of that would be akin to stop motion?

  • @felipehonoriobs

    As an artist an illustrator, this thing scares me on a monetary level. why would someone pay comissions if they can fiddle with ai to get the illustration for what they want?

  • @Foxtrotopia

    What amazes me most is how sci-fi we thought this was a few years ago. The scene in I, Robot where Sunny draws his dream of him standing on the hill as a free robot was something that we imagined was so many years away