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BAZINGA - Big Bang Theory Parody

  • Жарияланды 2022 ж. 24 Қыр.
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    Voice of girl:
    Monica Franco: L0Litsmonica?s=20...
    Voice of Sheldon
    Anthony Ingruber: kzclip.net/user/anthonyi...
    Jerb: jerbjpg?s=20
    Vudujin: Vudujin
    DublyMike: dublymike?s=20
    Rizatch: kzclip.net/user/Rizatch
    Leo "Awez" Chenevert - mobile. aweztube
    Jake Smith: dead_gremli...
    BG Artist:
    Kuo Yang: www.artstation.com/kuoyang
    Davecavedraws: davecavedraws
    COMP FX:
    Molly Wright: kzclip.net/user/wollymight
    Audio Design:
    Alex Walker Smith: kzclip.net/user/alexwalkersmith

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  • MeatCanyon


  • Random Mr
    Random Mr  +18

    When you realize her father was laughing all the time just to keep Sheldon from getting out of the tv. He was protecting his daughter the whole time by laughing hysterically.

  • Blair Hicks

    Judging on how big her brain got, it looks like all of Sheldon's trivia officially made her a genius. Bazinga

  • Garrett Watts

    Meat. That lighting effect a

  • Jay B.
    Jay B.  +697

    I love how these videos blur the line between humor and horror, really great creative stuff

  • Alex
    Alex  +8

    Dude, the concept here of using fake laughter to keep a monster from attacking you, but the monster is a sitcom character, is literally genius. I want it to be in a videogame. Stuff like this, where you have a mechanic to either stun the monster, or block its perception of you, is so much fun.

  • FlufyBiscuit

    As a big bang theory watcher, I can confirm that this is exactly what happens when I watch big bang theory.

  • Lightning McQueen

    Can we agree how fucking accurate Sheldon’s voice is

  • AlphaSeagull


  • Bruuh
    Bruuh  +2

    To think her dad was fake laughing every night so he could keep Sheldon away from him and his daughter. He's the true hero of the story.

  • Zaltic
    Zaltic  +346

    The creepiest part about this whole video is how accurate Sheldon's voice is

  • Hexenmeister 666

    Fun fact: Sheldon is actually a human with a terrible past and that's how he should be portrayed. But because it was too violent for public television, it was altered and he became just a "misunderstood" boy like in "Young Sheldon". If we didn't have artificial laughter, we wouldn't know when to laugh because most of what is said is either cruel or sad.

  • stupid man
    stupid man 2 сағат бұрын +3

    i would watch a horror movie with this concept, a monster that has to stop when the audience laughs. genius

  • DuckDragon

    The idea that they can't move when you laugh is fucking genius

  • None None
    None None  +910

    That one horrified me really well. I have experienced a sleep paralysis few times, once even heard some voice that wasn't friendly. And ending, kind of, awakened this memories in me. It's probably my greatest fear - being unable do any movement, or don't have any sensation.

  • Muelas
    Muelas  +262

    Man, the idea, the narrative, the voice actors, the animations. You, sir Papa Meat, are a true master of horror.

  • Danny
    Danny  +103

    Meats a genius! Using the fact that sitcom character pause for laughter as his only weakness? Man! Meat Canyon is honestly a great writer!

  • James Burk

    This is such a great joke, if you remove the laugh tracks from the actual show there are long awkward pauses after a joke where no one moves and nothing happens because they can't tell jokes over the laugh track. So if she's laughing he has to stop talking or moving until she stops. I love this.

  • JunkCat
    JunkCat 21 күн бұрын +64

    We need more characters like the daughter in horror media. She's resourceful and smart when finding out laughter kept him at bay, but is still human which is why despite her efforts, she loses anyway.

  • WorldsBestGamer

    I like how she instantly figured out laughter kept him at bay. One of the reasons I hate horror movies is that the characters are literal idiots.