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Scott The Woz Merchandise for Charity Bonanza 2022

  • Жарияланды 2022 ж. 28 Қар.

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  • LD01
    LD01  +1

    Scott is so generous, he also gave away the blue border

  • Bobbe
    Bobbe  +1

    Only Scott can say "wipe out an entire genre of children" without getting audited

  • bad muchacho b

    i love how he can crack jokes about sick children without being offensive to them

  • YJCH0I
    YJCH0I  +213


  • Lambiepie64

    “Content Creator of the Year” will forever be a joke at the Game Awards until Scott is nominated AND wins.

  • AceNX
    AceNX  +50

    This is one of the most honorable and heart warming things a youtuber has ever done. Scott was firing on all cylinders all year, even requiring more breaks due to the quality of the content and this project. Massive kudos to him. I will forever respect the effort of this amazing dude

  • S. Cabbage

    Not a moment too soon, I was wondering why there were no videos called "Scott The Woz Merchandise for Charity Bonanza 2022" premiering in 60 seconds.

  • uzui tengen’s 4th wife

    sam’s confused face as eric was explaining jojo’s sold me on those trading cards tbh

  • acee
    acee  +24

    Scott has somehow created pay to win on a video platform, I literally do not have any clue how any person could do it but if it was going to happen it'd be going to charity

  • MrBigRig
    MrBigRig  +136

    Fun fact: if you scan the QR codes of the cards in this video, you get a 5 minute video of Scott scolding you for cheating (and Bike-o-Vision)

  • Daniel 28893

    Scott, you made it again. I wish it could this merch could be avaliable in latin america. You'll be amazed about how many fans do you have here. Language is not a barrier.

  • Robbie with an IE

    Only Scott could make a product list entertaining

  • Nathaniel Foga

    “I can’t help it, I like talking about shirts and sick kids”

  • Super Fun Stick

    Only Scott has the charisma level to say a sentence like "wipe out an entire genre of children" in a compassionate and kind hearted way

  • Twilightwisdom

    Just want to put into perspective that Mcdonalds Victoria raised 4.9 million across one year for RMHC (a charity that provides housing to the families of sick children nearby the big children hospitals in Victoria) this is Mcdonalds over a year.

  • alida flus

    I’m really thrilled to be a part of this

  • David Dalziel

    I'm sure people say this all the time, but Scott is an absolute madlad when it comes to merch.


    the mystery item really could be a scott the woz vinyl record... price would make sense!

  • Waddle dee TV

    man i never bought stuff from another country before, but if the country of Ohio is making Scott the Woz merch it must be good !

  • GerarGear

    Everything is so cool! It's so awesome and kind of you to do all this effort to help charities!