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Therapist Reacts to UP and Grief

  • Жарияланды 2022 ж. 4 Жел.

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  • @MrChannelforwatching

    You guys didn’t mention it, so I wanted to point out:

  • @marinaamarillo3627

    This movie has a special place in my heart because we went to watch it at the cinema with my grandma, my mom and my sister, and was the first time we went out all together after my grandpa passed away. We decided to watch a Pixar movie because we thought it'll be "soft" for my grandma on her grieving (No, we didn't know what the movie was about). The marriage life scene hit so beautifully hard that we all started to cry... but the ending scene, when Carl reads Ellie's final note on her book, we all looked at my grandma by instinct. She was crying a lot, but her eyes shined like they used to do when my grandpa was still alive. Those were the words I'm sure my grandpa would have told her and I think in that moment she started to heal.

  • @theaargent7056

    My uncle invited us to the cinema for this film as a family and my mum cried like a baby on the marriage Montague. Like she was full on bawling and my father held her hand. We lost him 4 years ago, so now I'm thinking of this memory and am also crying. It would've been his birthday today. Thank you Guys.

  • @NerdBadAss123

    Carl giving Russell the Ellie badge always gets me. It feels like they're filling the hole in each other's lives. Carl is a father figure to Russell and Russell reminds Carl that his life can still have adventure without Ellie.

  • @VampyreVladimira

    My mom died in June. It's been 6 months, and this is the first Thanksgiving and Christmas in my 37 years of life without her. We were both disabled, and we lived together. I, honestly, felt, and still feel, that she was the only person who truly understood and knew me because of everything I've been through in my life with my chronic illnesses and physical disabilities and mental issues and trauma and everything. She truly understood how my mind worked after I almost died and was in a coma for 17 days and had a fever of 109 for over a day when I was 22. I feel so lost and lone without her in my life, and part of me can't accept that she's gone, and the other part knows she's gone, but there's also another smaller part that is having trouble remembering her, and actually sometimes wonders if she was even really real or not because I'm forgetting because of the way my mind works, and I'm so scared that I'm going to forget absolutely everything about her like I have my granddaddy and uncle and grandma. I haven't forgotten everything, but I've forgotten so much, and I dont' want to forget my mom. She meant so much to me, and I'm struggling so much, and this video, this damn video made me cry. Lmao. Damn it. Like, I've been holding so much in because I just don't want to accept she's gone, but damn it, ya'll made me confront my damn grief. Lol. ♥

  • @ExiaBlade

    I remember I had a friend who admitted she cried easily, and then made the mistake of admitting she never saw Up. I immediately told her boyfriend to make her watch it that night. She called me the next day frantically yelling "WHAT'S WRONG WITH YOU?!" 🤣🤣🤣

  • @brandi9988

    There is a guilt in Carl having an adventure without Ellie. Almost like a survivor’s guilt. When my brother died, I questioned every time I laughed or giggled. There was a guilt there, because you keep thinking that person isn’t there to laugh so why should you deserve to laugh? When he accepts that she’s gone and she wouldn’t want him to be sad was the best part of the film for me.

  • @nataliecarbone6997

    I heard an interview with Michael Giacchino about the opening sequence, he was working with the studio orchestra to get the pacing right, they finally made it thru the scene and EVERYONE from strings to percussion was crying as they played, because the film plays on a screen in front of them. No one had really seen it yet, certainly not with music. So they had to take a cry break, and then they had to do it like 4 more times so they had enough material to do the mixing, even Michael was bawling his eyes out and he knew what was going on!!!

  • @bushitwo6367

    The beginning part with the story of Carl and Ellie, really breaks me especially when they are at the doctor and find out they can’t have children. This is what I am going through right now with my own husband and this hits me in a completely different way then it did watching this as a kid. 😢

  • @wendingus9571

    This one hits hard in a way I really appreciate. My mother has stage 4 terminal cancer and I've been her caregiver for my entire adult life - it is what has always defined me. The thought of embarking on my own life without her feels wrong, but also necessary. Thanks for breaking down such a complicated part of grief.<3

  • @bryanhinsch2418

    I LOVE this channel. Seeing two grown men openly express raw emotion and have it received in a healthy and non-judgemental way is such a healing experience.

  • @stevethirdcitymo6527

    I hit the flip side of this just recently, confronting the possibility of losing a grandchild. I’ve lost a parent, a sibling, but nothing so gutted me as that thought of losing a small child who was my child’s love and joy.

  • @maliaestrada5238

    I love how Russell's line of "its the boring stuff I remember the most" mirrors Carl and Ellie's life together. Most the their memories and pictures are of simple things like cleaning their house or driving or going to work but that's what made up their life

  • @katn8651
    @katn8651  +34

    The first time I watched Up, my mother was going through a divorce. I bought it thinking that it was a movie about an old man and balloons. The opening sequence broke her. All she ever wanted was a love like that. We talked about how her life wasn’t over yet. A few years later, she met a man she adores. They have the chairs just like Carl and Ellie. Up always reminds me of that and how life can change.

  • @mjgamet4110

    Typically I don’t cry at movies, but Up gets me EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. And watching you guys cry made me cry even more 😂

  • @ooops.its.raquan7187

    My partner had never seen up before. I explained to him it was the quickest I had ever cried during a movie and he laughed at me saying it couldn't have been that bad. I made him watch the opening and comforted him when he started sobbing. It was truly a moment for the ages

  • @davidkearns6318

    Russell having to help Carl "Cross Something" paying off by helping Carl Cross his heart is probably the most brilliant part of the entire screenplay

  • @cassandravezzani4554

    I lost my best friend a couple of months ago. I don’t know what it was about this video, but I began crying so much. Words cannot describe how grateful I am you guys posted this. Thank you.

  • @doroma6920

    I love that Elli was always the one that wanted the big adventure out there and she got the little times, the adventure of everyday life. And Carl only wanted the everyday life and got the (very, very) big adventure and that was exactly what each of them needed. Beautiful!

  • @abigailrose1806

    My parents both cried during the opening. They both were from the same small town, my mother was a wild redhead, and it just killed them to see Ellie be gone, it reminded them too much of themselves. Such a good movie that not only kids can enjoy but adults can learn so much from, too.