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Mario Odyssey Speedrun but I am being hunted

  • Жарияланды 2022 ж. 7 Жел.

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  • @annielynch3797

    you know its serious when Smant isnt faking the fear and gets super quiet LOL

  • @noeljonsson3578

    “Ever heard of a scooter warp?”

  • @PickledDude

    Always a good day when Smant and Cj make a video together

  • @user-vi5ni7fe3p

    I love it when smant and CJ collab, they are always so good working together

  • @OverworkedPostalEmployee

    While I have nightmares of clowns chasing me, Smallant is out here turning them into videos XD

  • @SharkBeret


  • @chickennugget6723

    I love watching Smant's vids before going to bed, they make me so much more relaxed and help me sleep.

  • @uzukishikala

    Hiding as Lakitu was a stroke of genius

  • @isulaseneviratne3042

    Even though it’s been done to death, this is literally the perfect opportunity to call something Mario Manhunt

  • @dragonster16

    I know you'd need another two people for this idea, but how about instead of the hunter winning if the runner dies, you have two hunters and two runners one of each on a team and the winning team is the one whose runner finishes first?

  • @TimeBucks
    @TimeBucks  +667

    That's so awesome!

  • @Jacobinks

    I thought that SmallAnt was not as good as he used to be, but he shows so much skill in this video that I didn’t know he still had.

  • @mrjay1258

    This is entertainment on highest level. Such a fun video to watch.

  • @Iplayhardgames

    Consistently amazing content. You are why I started my channel. At this point, I'm less impressed with what you do (which is still 10/10) and now I''m just amazed at how good you are at coming up with ideas for new content. You are truly a professional youtuber

  • @mollychankawaii

    Very fun! I'm happy for CJ. Really well played Smant.

  • @user-kn5gw6kx4r

    First, I love this concept. It must have been a lot of fun playing. Second, will the Murphy's Law Pokemon challenge continue?

  • @FqreBxll

    such a nice video! i watched this on Cjya's stream. This is a nice series!

  • @kanii8157

    This idea is so insane I really hope that this challenge goes on till both beat it and then with other players and maybe even other games holy this is nice

  • @starofthecosmosyt

    nothing like a new smant video at nearly 3 in the morning

  • @soinasdoyi1465

    CJ trying to not swear in a SmallAnt Video is kinda funny ngl