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The worst feeling 😂

  • Жарияланды 2022 ж. 26 Қыр.
  • The worst feeling 😂
    (via @nissen17silk/IG)

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  • XXIV 88
    XXIV 88  +67

    When you thought she was waving at you.

  • Mr Blue
    Mr Blue  +25

    I must of missed "the flip"

  • Sam Fridman

    I already know that was an absolute bomb

  • Staks
    Staks  +5

    God loves you so much and he always will read the Bible God is amazing get to know God don’t forget to Pray God loves you so much and he always will bye

  • Marie Jama

    i just don't uderstand what happended i don ' t see ///A .

  • Gilbert Chavarria

    Wait for it wait for it ,. Dam i should have waited for it.


    What's this song called

  • StarButterfly

    Song is Freddie Dredd - Killing on Demand instrumental

  • Justin Ava

    I remember in high school when the baseball players acted like theyre so tough when all they do is sit around

  • chamzak
    chamzak  +1


  • Kingston Is Dumb


  • JustTheGoals

    Hey 😊

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    I must of missed "the flip"