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True Sight : The International 2021 Finals

  • Жарияланды 2022 ж. 23 Қыр.
  • From Regional Qualifier hopefuls to champions at The International in Bucharest - the world got to witness Team Spirit's ascendance play out on Dota's biggest stage. Go behind the scenes for the final battle of that epic coronation.

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  • Luq H
    Luq H  +7

    This format of True Sight is the best, animations were absolutely cool af. However the absence of a crowd is really felt here.

  • Gab Nasayao
    Gab Nasayao 4 сағат бұрын +1

    what a great comeback. man that put me to tears

  • AW
    AW  +782

    Damn I am not LGD fan but this was heartbreaking. I have always seen them as the biggest villain, as the last boss of Dota2. But this True Sight showed me that they are fellas who just passionate about this game. And the most unexpected scene was how positive they were even when losing in Finals. Hopefully, they will no more be King without the throne in this year.

  • Zamfy
    Zamfy  +709

    That XinQ rubick in game 3 was phenomenal, mad respect for him.

  • Кирилл Яковлев

    - Их Тини ни разу не проигрывал

  • Izzy May IS ready

    Felt bad for Ame😢. He is really a humble person outside and a beast in game. Hope to see you lift the Aegis of the Immortal next TI. Congratulations to Team Spirit!

  • Илья Diver

    Перед третьей игрой

  • Fish
    Fish  +500

    Those banning and picking phases are extraordinary. Always on point. You can tell they really study the other team’s strategy.

  • Axxell Plays

    Respect for TORONTOTOKYO for standing on his own opinion on game 5! What balls of steel

  • Ihsan.L
    Ihsan.L  +154

    I would pay for watching this true sight on cinema, such a good true sight

  • Sona Greys
    Sona Greys  +320

    I'm a League player. But I switched to Dota few weeks ago, still getting the hang of it, definitely harder than League but the challenge here excites me and this video inspired me to play more and be better. I've never seen such intense play in League this is amazing, the strategies and playstyle is so unique, the mind games and the way true sight was created is absolutely mind blowing. I'm glad I made a switch.

  • Hasmukh Chaudhary

    Get these true sight some kind of Oscar award . The hardwork these guy put in is just amazing

  • Ai Avenger
    Ai Avenger  +943

    Красавцы парни, выйграли интик чисто чтобы наши работяги могли смотреть без субтитров!

  • Денис Мокрушин

    LGD shows us the true will to win on the third and fourth maps

  • Mr Algernon

    Расплакался на моменте когда они обдумывали ластпик ТБ в решающей карте. Такое доверие между ребятами.. <3 <3 <3

  • 淩

    "it's GG, my brothers" sounds heartbreaking 💔 come back stronger TI11

  • Sukuna!
    Sukuna!  +31

    Mad respect to Ame, what a phenomenal performance!

  • FULLlow
    FULLlow  +40


  • Alexey Fakhrutdinov

    Последняя анимеха как аме погибает на тини вместе с последней надеждой снова в шаге от чемпионства просто космос..до мурашек

  • Lunatism
    Lunatism  +143

    как перестать пересматривать этот инт? Обожаю этот инт и момент в лифте, где Торонто говорит: "Welcome to the True Sight, boys")