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  • Жарияланды 2022 ж. 28 Қар.

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  • Aizu
    Aizu  +12

    “Just go the speed of light- then push the accelerator a little more.” This man has single-handedly solved physics.

  • Rhys Powell

    Whenever I see you have a new video i leave it until Friday evening after work, grab a beer and have a good laugh watching it through. I always enjoy your content and discovered your channels during the pandemic, and through your the channels of your collaborators who are also excellent. You've lifted my spirits through some hard times buddy, so thanks a million! :)

  • Little Heck

    I will always cherish these rare moments when Internet Historian comes out of his cave to release more magic into the world.

  • Ripperer :D

    I love how when IH is talking about the space race, he's saying "we beat them" despite him being Australian lol

  • Come Fast To Get Into My Body

    raycon's noise cancelling is so competent that raycon have never heard a complaint since their earphones were introduced

  • Rebecca Immel

    I know I’m about to grin for 22 straight minutes when Internet Historian and Ordinary Things get together. Thanks guys!!!

  • Goddess Redina

    I like to imagine they freeze you, send you to alpha Centauri, but when you wake up... You find out that during that time they invented wormhole travel, and have already colonized the system before you got there.

  • Oh So Simple

    I know Internet Historian thought he was making an outlandish proposal for a launch system in the CERN bit but SpinLaunch is essential what he described and is actually getting rockets off the ground

  • ★ rozh ★

    That's the most consistently on-topic discussion I've ever seen for In The Field. Genuinely impressed.

  • Tuto Pro Play

    As a Mexican, I cracked up with the 50B Alien Pesos in the middle of a meeting. You are the very best, keep up with these videos! They make my days even better <3

  • Little Heck

    I think about that dog we sent to space with no plans to get it home a lot. Apparently they found dogs that were strays in Moscow because it was assumed they'd be tougher and better at handling the cold. Laika basically means "barker" because she would bark loudly

  • CanadianGuy

    “Why don’t we just call them the big planets and small planets.”

  • Satanas Ex Machina

    The important thing is, no matter what we choose to do with all that space, I think we can all agree a nice rug and coffee table will really help tie the room together... and maybe a lamp.

  • Joshua Kennedy

    Not just once, but twice he calls the firmament a "filament."

  • Kelnef
    Kelnef  +57

    Heres a fun fact. Anatoli Bugorski is an ex russian particle physicist who ended up inside a particle collider while it was still running. The particle pierced his skull and he alledgedly saw a bright light like looking at the sun. He is still alive today and has somehow outlived the said particle collider that shot him.

  • Brielle Elise

    This is the first time someone in a video set off our Alexa, and it pulled up a mixed playlist of Who Let the Dogs Out. Well played, sir.

  • BuzzLightYearPFP

    i love when the editor makes his own jokes. the battery in the ocean killed me

  • Salty Sea Of Tears

    There are only two persons on earth who can do advertising correctly - Ryan Reynolds and the Internet Historian.

  • Sigurd Jensen

    As a person who is not actively working for CERN but has in the past. You can get a guided tour into the area where the LHC (Large Hadron Collider) is. Unfortunately you can't, to my knowledge, put anything into the pipes the size of poop. It's a pretty airtight vacuum in there. About as vacuum as we can make vacuums.

  • Gordon Slamsay

    a field of muk followed by miles and miles of tundra leading to a mysterious cursed mountain range is actually kinda cool