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Console Pack-In Games - Scott The Woz

  • Жарияланды 2022 ж. 30 Қар.

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  • @countdooku5715

    This man could talk about a singular M&M for 17 minutes and I would hear him out with no hesitation

  • @itsyaboigonzo3245

    I still play wii sports. Literally just 2 days ago I was with a couple of friends and we played wii bowling for like 5 hours. One friend was super hyped with every turn and the other two found it very therapeutic. Gave us all a chance to comfortably and safely drink and hang out with a fun game that keeps going. Idk about everyone else but I absolutely love wii sports.

  • @kriscynical

    I was an artist alley seller at anime cons back when Street Pass was at its height, and MY GOD. It was fun if you were in THAT kind of situation. My Mii plaza literally has over 3,000 Miis in it and I completed every single puzzle board in ONE con. My artist friends would list our table spots in our Street Pass greeting, too, for a little marketing during the con.

  • @Kola25_97
    @Kola25_97  +437

    I can't for the life of me imagine how loud Dominic, Sam and Eric laugh in unison for Scott to have lowered the volume significantly in the bit they appear in.

  • @RoboBio
    @RoboBio  +92

    "Would you rather be shot for free? Or for 50 dollars?" -Scott asking the hard-hitting questions.

  • @max_208
    @max_208  +204

    You could also count "aperture desk job" as a kind of pack-in for the steam deck

  • @Eljay8881

    I am constantly impressed with Scott’s ability to make retro subjects out of thin air

  • @AnXiTe86
    @AnXiTe86  +179

    The amount of time you spend off camera setting up for a 5 second gag is stupidly impressive 😂

  • @danielgrezda3339

    I like what Scott is doing with his upload schedule, if you want the more constant releases, watch Scott's stash. But because of Scott's stash, he can take his time with the normal releases ensuring they are of the highest quality.

  • @tchernomush

    It's so sad that Scott forgot to tell everyone about the best pack-in game of all time : Sega Master System's Snail Maze.

  • @user-bd1iy8xj6s

    My friend group has found nearly thousands of hours playing Nintendo Land. We just wish there were more multiplayer games in it. We have 100% most of the games. The master modes are so brutal.

  • @matthewrigsby204

    Scott should make a full video just on streetpass and streetpass functionalities, it was really cool and it'd be cool if he could experience even some of what made it so cool

  • @solidskullz5736

    Scott the woz back again with that peak Scott the woz content that really feels like Scott the woz. Thank you Scott the woz

  • @user-bb3tc4er4p

    I don't know why we are not paying for his videos. They're so good!

  • @NichePlays

    Astro's Playroom was so good; I'd love to see Sony put out a full out Astro's Playroom game sometime. I feel like the Astro games I've seen have always just been tech demos for new hardware.

  • @Water_Me_Loan_64_YT

    Scott is quotable to no end.

  • @natecw4164

    I was

  • @ZwornRR

    Scott and his retro games never fail to make me laugh :)

  • @leafyniko3237

    If scott was a console he’d come packed with pepto-bismol and an extra long manual to read on the ride home.

  • @PikaPhantomVG

    Even though Keith Courage in Alpha Zones is an incredible punchline, I can't help but want to know more about a game like that