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This looks like fun 👏🎳

  • Жарияланды 2022 ж. 27 Қыр.
  • This looks like fun 👏
    (via @kristisbowl/IG)

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  • Dill
    Dill  +70

    Now everyone will notice when I roll in the gutter every time

  • CubeGuy
    CubeGuy  +31

    Damn some high tech stuff right there

  • Alan Brown

    The irony in this whole scene. Throwing a ball down the lane , whilst kegel training center is displayed in the background lol

  • Kathy Bramley

    It's interesting that the spin doesn't come in until right near the end.

  • JC Preston

    What is the name of this bowling alley and where is it? This is absolutely beautiful 😍

  • MadMan
    MadMan  +1

    Bro the bowling Lane is more coller than the actual bowling skills lmao

  • Jim Porter

    Whoa what.. I love it

  • Anustart - Love Each Other

    The song is XADE (I Ain’t Worried Whistle)

  • Akatsuki Member

    Imagine he throws it and it just cracks

  • Heffe

    The bowling alley your future kids will be going to. In vr.


    Wow, good shoot!

  • 404 notfound

    Bruno Mars grenade but it remixed so I can't help more

  • Choctaw Montana808


  • smile
    smile  +9

    almost thought that was water 😂

  • Kakashi sensei

    Please the name of the music

  • Sandra Boyer

    Very Cool

  • Alessandro C

    Kegel Training Center

  • Kathy Bramley

    I'm not up to the standard that lane needs - I tend to lob it and it smashed the landing too much too often. Why are his soles different colours!?

  • Douglas Jay

    Kegel Training Center lol