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This helmet game is too much 😂 |

  • Жарияланды 2022 ж. 17 Қаң.
  • This helmet game is too much 😂 |
    (via beefyboysfitness/TikTok)
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Пікірлер • 13 992

  • Dustin Is Driving

    I’m sure he thought they were lying till the replay 😂😂

  • Ace
    Ace  +383

    The guy pulled his chair back to get a better hit. I can't even🤣🤣😂

  • Ruben Rodriguez

    I love how the one in the left hits him so hard and then proceeds to turn into an NPC

  • Ron Burgundy

    He def thought they were messing with him till he watched the tape back and saw he was wrong each time

  • Doum@in Stewart

    When they ask you how you are and you tell them that its fine 🤣

  • Adam Johnston

    Now I think about, it’s actually a really good loop

  • Charlie
    Charlie  +4

    I love how the girl doesn't bother to hit them. She just laughs the whole vid 😂

  • Velda Reina

    That seems like so much fun 🤩

  • Lottie
    Lottie  +5

    I watched it over and over, it never fail to make me laugh 🤣😂

  • GD GD
    GD GD  +7

    Legends say that the last guy is still sitting there... But his friends are not there as players anymore, they sell tickets for tourists and there's a huge crowd slapping the poor guy.

  • Dr-Respect

    We all just going to ignore that beautiful sausage hanging in the background

  • 김성욱

    진짜 친구끼리하면 꿀잼인데

  • ChevyCasaNova

    This is literally one of the games the guys and I all play when we are drinking. So damn hilarious to watch and play. People in the background not playing are pissing themselves from laughter.

  • Ichor Dragon

    Like how that guy got 10x combo hits without guessing the right one

  • Jelly Sai

    His sense of direction built like Zoro’s 😂

  • Bouté LIQUOR

    This game is the visual representation of: “It’s only funny when it’s someone else.״

  • Adler Viana

    Legend says that to this day, he still didn’t found the culprit.

  • Accumulator

    It's one of those games you should only ever play with people who actually care about you.

  • Todd Anthony

    She’s adorable I gotta party with this lot!!

  • ayo i saw a dragon masturb@ting fr

    The woman is the type of person who laughs reading the whole group chat but never sends a message