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  • Жарияланды 2022 ж. 26 Қыр.
  • DLC TEAM SAMURAI slices into THE KING OF FIGHTERS XV on October 4th!
    HAOHMARU, NAKORURU, and DARLI DAGGER from the hit fighter SAMURAI SHODOWN Heavy Slash their way into KOF XV!
    『THE KING OF FIGHTERS XV』DLCキャラクター「サムライチーム」を10月4日(火)に配信!
    SNKの人気剣戟格闘ゲーム『サムライスピリッツ』シリーズから、「覇王丸」「ナコルル」「ダーリィ・ダガー」が、『KOF XV』に参戦!

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  • @ibrahimwalker321

    They’re killing it with characters, but I really wish each new team came with their own stage

  • @chavesa5
    @chavesa5  +889

    SNK really does need more love and support than it gets.

  • @orlanzo2621

    I love that Haohmaru and Mai’s conversation is referencing his SamSho 1 ending where he fights one of her ancestors.

  • @joestarfgc9035

    What a great trailer, but I really wish team Samurai got their own stage. I really hope that we will start getting dlc costumes/stages once season 2 begins :)

  • @ReaverPrime

    It kills me how there are still people that don't understand the point behind Darli's character. She's a shipbuilder. Shipbuilding was incredibly important before the advent of flight. Her inclusion in SamSho 2019 was making point about something important to the time period that wasn't represented in the series before. Just like Mina in SamSho5 representing archery and Andrew in SamSho6 representing the rifleman. Shipbuilding, bows, and guns were all big parts of Japan's history.

  • @gregsuhr8408

    Ohh damn, I love the colors they use for the effects of Nakoruru and Darli Dagger's weapons, plus pretty cool climaxes! Haohmaru is cool too, and it looks like they work into story mode well. 😀

  • @aeternalvibe2267

    E assim fechou a primeira fase de KOFXV...

  • @sprnightfire

    Was not expecting them to come out next week. What a surprise! Can't wait to play as Haohmaru again.

  • @kodaiyoung2751

    For those who are asking why Haomaru tells that to Mai, the shiranui clan existis in samsho universe with a char exactly like Mai being responsible for killing Shiranui Gean.

  • @eternallegend1

    Mano! Mano! Manoooooooo.

  • @lcpeques8345

    Nakoruru's theme makes me feel both happy and sad. So retro and I love it!!

  • @Novapoid
    @Novapoid  +23

    10/10 trailer, I love the subtle yet noticeable improvements on facial animations. I hope more people try SamSho, it's a very unique fighting game.

  • @bigbossbr4z1l65

    Esse combo do Haomaru me lembrou muito um combo dele que eu fazia no Capcom x SNK 2 no Dreamcast. E essa música da Nakoruru foi uma grata surpresa e viagem ao passado 😌

  • @cliffbogard9546

    Finally we can now get the true SNK all star team of Terry, Ryo, & Haohmaru

  • @thegreatachiever4651

    It's nice to see these two series finally getting some form of crossover like Snk initially intended years back.💫

  • @tenshin777

    Cara, eu amo Samurai Shodown! Ficou tudo incrível! E o tema deles no game provavelmente será esse que toca no trecho que mostra a Darli Dagger inicialmente. Lindo demais, de verdade! Apaixonado por esse time! Mal posso esperar para as ver as gameplays. Não posso jogar, mas sempre posso apreciar! 🐿️😍✨❤

  • @InfestedJester

    I'm so glad Darli wasn't forgotten to just the last SS game. A part of me wishes Love Heart was in the game now to make a full pirate team.

  • @thekingzuno

    Fantástico! Mudaram várias coisas na gameplay, inclusive os Clímax!!! Muito top SNK, valeu ❤️🔥

  • @saiko_oro8725

    Love the interaction with Hoahmaru and Mai, nice callback to SamSho 1.

  • @FGCWatcher

    Eu tô inteiramente apaixonado por todas as escolhas desse jogo, PQP! Esse climax da Darli tá no meu coração, já!