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He needs to be a QB in the NFL 😂

  • Жарияланды 2022 ж. 27 Қыр.
  • @SchechterGuides

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  • Asmodeus

    Me: “I need a refill of water”

  • Trevor Berridge

    "Yo waiter. Lemme get a knife... Wait wait WAIT WAI-"

  • Michael Coffman

    Everyone - He's good/showing off

  • dawg830
    dawg830  +5

    Imagine a Baby 👶 getting beamed by a Bread 🍞.

  • Austin Kloud

    Her “when is my steak coming?”

  • Abby Normal

    Whether it falls on the floor or not- that’s your bread!! 😅 “Eat ya bread or ya don’t gets

  • flamer stick

    knowing my childish 34 year old self i would be going for interceptions everytime

  • Taj McCullough

    Guy: “Heads up.”

  • Stephen Maeda

    So dope, I love interactive experiences like this. It brings much needed joy back to the boring world we live in.

  • Calibos
    Calibos  +521

    Lambert's Cafe "Home of the thrown rolls"

  • AlphaP900
    AlphaP900  +31

    Reporter: "So how did the food fight start?"

  • Section8dc

    If I'm not mistaken this is "Lamberts Cafe" home of thrown rolls in Missouri, I ate there a lot when I was a kid and they throw you damn near every side wrapped in a napkin lol, it was always completely packed

  • suelee
    suelee  +369

    You won’t be happy when you don’t catch it 3 times in a row.. 😭💀

  • Midnight Philosopher

    Man with double arm amputation: *tummy growls...

  • Andre Schum

    brings a whole new meaning to right in the bread basket 😂

  • Thereal 1

    Imagine walking to the bathroom and getting sniped by a loaf of sourdough

  • T W
    T W  +79

    She threw her hand up like a wide out and pulled it in.👏🏾😂

  • RocketBlooom

    “Can i get a fork?”

  • Sam Manning

    The Health Inspector has entered the chat 😎

  • mikey_R3
    mikey_R3  +12

    "Can I get a loaf of bread please, thanks"