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Why Thor Love And Thunder Sucked - A Scene Comparison

  • Жарияланды 2022 ж. 25 Қыр.
  • So most of us seem to agree that Love and Thunder was a terrible movie, and I think there's one scene that pretty much explains why. Join me as I compare two scenes from two Thor movies, to understand the difference between good and bad writing.
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  • @unknownvariable9239

    Imagine a movie like Deadpool making a better story arc about cancer than a movie with Christian Bale and Natalie Portman in it…

  • @JoeLeasure

    "Buying into his own hype" perfectly describes Taika's downfall.

  • @jamelpiclit3062

    I watched it about a week ago and while watching it, I feel like watching a series of videos on youtube while reading something on a book. I never got emotionally engaged, jokes are too forced, and everything seems to hold no consequences. When it ended I was like "Huh, so that movie ended" I never though about it again except for thinking about how bad it was.

  • @moviehermit5631

    One of the biggest problems with L&T was that it basically rehashed all the same stuff we’ve seen before in slightly different ways.

  • @tobbisdatrain8594

    Don't downplay it, that play scene in Ragnarok was pure gold. Matt Damon and brother Hemsworth were the icing on the cake.

  • @Yo_AB_Breaks

    You are never more powerful than when you have a solid crew rollin with you keeping your ass in check as well as looking out for your best interests. Taika deleted the part that made him work correctly, his writing crew.

  • @islaygoblins8364

    It's funny how Wonder Woman 1984 and Thor Love and Thunder were both written by their directors after directing 2 successful films that were written by other people.

  • @JimSelfisHere

    Taika seems to have a few strong suits, like creating some really impressive visual moments. But he isn't nearly restrained enough at the same time, wanting to cram slapstick or dated comedy into stories that don't call for it. It undermines the characters to the point that it's hard to take them seriously.

  • @shmeebs387

    I love how both the new Thor and Dr. Strange introduce macguffins that could have stopped Thanos if anyone bothered to mention it earlier.

  • @mackhiggins4731
    @mackhiggins4731 23 сағат бұрын

    I was hoping Thor would have an emotional outburst about how much loss he's endured, particularly in the scene where Jane tells him her condition. I really thought he'd start breaking down or have an outburst because even though he's just barely gotten back to a "healthy" mindset (which I don't think is true given he's just avoiding everything outside of fighting), this is yet another significant loss that he's being confronted with. I mean, he really can't catch a break. Since Thor 2, I think he's suffered significant losses in nearly every movie. It's honestly super tragic, and while we got to see how affected Thor was in End Game, I don't think we really got to see his recovery. He just got a slight bit of catharsis when they defeated Thanos. So I was expecting him to FINALLY have that in this movie when confronted by Jane's situation. But... Nothing. We got like a sympathetic sigh and a frown.

  • @LittleYozhik

    "Like any good narcissist he sees himself as the flawless, tragically misunderstood, hero of his own story." - I am so taking this line! Can be applied to so many :D

  • @ericosg
    @ericosg  +108

    "interesting comparisons with how Disney treats Norse mythology in the MCU, but I suspect that's a level of awareness that Taika doesn't possess" absolute gold

  • @DaBigPink

    Taika is the perfect example of what people refer to as an “ideas man”. Someone who is good for throwing out tons of options in the writing room but you’re not going to want him in charge because he is going to want to do all those ideas at once regardless of if they fit together or not.

  • @dragonlogos1

    This is something I first noticed with Adam Sandler, talented comedians often need a leash. They need someone to pull them back and wind it down to focus, trim the fat, reduce down the sauce, sauté, sweat, and put it together. They are a fantastic ingredient, there needs to be a cook. Thor love and thunder is that, a fantastic set of ingredients thrown into a bot and left to boil.

  • @theenglishprofessor8411
    @theenglishprofessor8411 4 сағат бұрын

    All of the forced woke aspects killed it for me. I think I started scrolling my cell phone halfway through because I was too lazy to walk out.

  • @vernonmodglin5502

    the amount of thought and attention to detail you put into this critique is more than I could do in a lifetime

  • @jayakrishnantr5217

    How the MCU deals with humor these days is a major issue. Phases 1-3 dealt with it in a way in which the humor was more of an ice breaker or a light hearted exchange between the characters that never messed with or ruined a serious plot. The story was still every bit as serious as it was needed to be. Phase 4 treats humor like its a necessity in every show or movie irrespective of what the story requires. Thor love and thunder is a film which requires a very serious approach given it's context. Instead Waititi was like "make Thor funny hehehehe"

  • @jojoflap
    @jojoflap  +198

    I generally do love Taika Waititi films like Jojo Rabbit, Hunt for the Wilderpeople, and Free Guy. His indie films seem almost Wes Anderson inspired. It's weird to me seeing him drop a deuce like Love and Thunder.

  • @nobuxxnadleeh
    @nobuxxnadleeh 7 сағат бұрын +1

    They should have made Gorr the Main character for this movie.

  • @deeznutz4505
    @deeznutz4505 16 сағат бұрын +3

    I loved it. It's like reading a comic but comic thor is extremely serious so I enjoy this funny version