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Thor: Love and Thunder - This Film Hates You

  • Жарияланды 2022 ж. 16 Шіл.

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  • StillersRock

    One other thing bothering me that a lot of people fail to mention (probably because there’s so much else wrong with the movie): Thor seems to have COMPLETELY lost his powers of lightning and has gone back to being the god of hammers. Ragnarok was all about him finding strength without his hammer, yet now he’s back to being in a literal relationship with them…

  • 궁예
    궁예  +30

    Man... you broke down Taika to his core being: The self-absorbed man-child who thinks he's above everything.

  • Lachlan Clews-de Castella

    My favourite moment watching this movie was when the power went out, the movie cut, after a few minutes started again, but then a fire alarm went off, and then we had to evacuate. After a few minutes outside, we head back in to finish off the movie, but a fire alarm goes off again just as the credits start, so we have to evacuate again without seeing the post credits scene.

  • Juan Hernandez

    The reason Thor was loved by fans in that tiny of stretch of time between Ragnarok and Endgame was because he became loosened up and funny but at the same time wiser and more aware of himself. His vulnerability (when he speaks to Rocket) leads him to extraordinary strength. Thor at this point in the MCU should've been one of the older but more powerful heroes that make their appearance every now and then to drop a little nugget of wisdom, then dip, much like Odin did. I think this would've been the ideal way to go, but again we live in THIS timeline, so big welp.

  • Alex H.
    Alex H.  +1

    I was honestly more offended by the ending. Since Ragnarok Thor has been through hell and back, constantly losing things because of his own incompetence. I thought the whole point of this movie was for Jane to become the one thing in his life that sticks around, that he doesn't have to grieve over. And it was perfectly set up to work too! But what happens? Jane dies because, goddammit, Thor was incompetent and didn't get to Eternity before Gorr. So he's had zero character development and now has lost literally all of his friends and family he was ever close to. So like the movie has no point. Why is it even here XD

  • WolfGr33d
    WolfGr33d  +302

    Imagine if instead of kicking out the Gaurdians of the Galaxy and making the film a laughing stock, they tie the Gaurdians in the plot somehow, have Thor struggling to come to terms with Jane's losing battle with cancer, and have Quill put away the comedic rivalry in order to extend a sympathetic supporting hand to Thor because he's reminded of how he had to struggle much the same way with accepting his mother's decline and death.

  • Neech
    Neech  +13

    "Gods don't care about anyone" proceeds to kidnap children, banking that thor, a god, will save them because he cares about them

  • Mellow
    Mellow  +328

    Throughout the entire movie, I thought Thor's humor was a coping mechanism. I was expecting a scene before the third act where he just breaks down over the weight of endgame and jane, but that never happened and it drove me a little nuts after the movie

  • Tumulo Vermelho

    I LOVED Christian Bale as Gorr. He was creepy, well acted, genuinely good at being a villain and visually one of the best characters I've ever seen in the MCU. He looked like a horror movie demon in a superhero flick.

  • Spartan 1337

    The whole "Mjolnir being his ex" thing did not need to be dragged on for that long.

  • RC Car Dude 3434

    The really bad thing about this movie is that it does not hesitate to sh*t on the films made by other directors and writers. It's not enough for Watiti to not care about or even actively dislike the content of his films, he takes moments to slander and cheapen everything that came before. The montage where Korg goes through all of Thor's loss and says "And this guy, and this guy, and whoever that was..." when talking about the Warriors Three is such a slap in the face of Thor fans. These are his best friends, these are loved characters, and they're nothing to him. Everything Kenneth Branagh, Alan Taylor, Joss Whedon, the Russos did for the character is stupid in his opinion, and as such needs to be castigated. He makes fun of their films and the effort they put into their projects because he doesn't believe in his own. He's obviously jealous and insecure about his own talents or lack thereof. It reeks of such a cowardly and unprofessional thing to do. Christopher Nolan doesn't take time in his Batman films to shit on the work of Joel Schumacher, because it's not germane to the story.

  • Austin Hollingsworth

    the irony of Tessa Thompson going to the emotion gods is actually great

  • Tieberius Void-Walker

    Something that bothers me about this movie is that Thor accidentally casts a spell on Mjolnir asking it to protect Jane and that's the excuse for why she could wield it but the problem is that Mjolnir is killing her, doing the exact opposite of protecting her.

  • Aislen
    Aislen  +325

    when Jane said "I have cancer" to Thor I legitimately broke out into one of the hardest laughing fits I've ever had, but then almost immediately had to restrain myself from laughing because I was the only one in the full theater that found it funny :(

  • Brot'Quel
    Brot'Quel  +490

    I'd like to point out that Crowe's portrayal of Zeus is... actually pretty accurate!

  • Random Spider

    A particular disappointment is that necroswords are symbiotes like Venom, except they turn into weapons for their hosts rather than suits. In the comics, the necrosword that Gorr wields was made by Knull, god of symbiotes. That is an immense amount of lore that’s been hinted at, but nope… the necrosword simply gets destroyed as if it’s nothing more than a Macguffin. Imagine if, instead of being destroyed, the necrosword realized that if Gorr got his wish, then its creator would be perish as well, so it flees without reversing the damage it did to its host (so Gorr still dies). In the end credit scene, we see the hand of a mysterious figure grab its hilt. We hear him say, “So you have returned, All-Black. Good. There is much work to be done.” (Or something similarly intimidating) The camera pans up and we see his face, but only for a second. Then cut to black.

  • RubiesInMyBlood

    I do like the idea of Mjolnir sort of inadvertently killing Jane in some sort of fucked up genie twist sort of way, it could have been explained so much better. In the comics, which I get they are NOT beholden to follow, Mjolnir is killing her indirectly by clearing her body of the chemotherapy designed to help her, every time she picks up the hammer. What this could have lead to, is a moment of realization for Thor that again, his actions have significant consequences around those he cares about. But a greater result would have been the poetic tragedy of the whole situation. I don't get why Marvel wont let Natalie Portman do tragedy. Her entire career was basically kick-started by playing a central tragic figure who meets her fate by forces far outside her control, in one of the biggest franchises in history.

  • Saran Nevac

    If your using a character like Gorr and you using Jane Foster and her cancer. Then Waitit is the wrong director for that story. This could be an amazing story to tell, dark and emotional.

  • Reborn Humanoid TV

    Something I realized just now: There's a fundamental difference between how Taika Waititi and James Gunn writes their films.

  • GFRED262
    GFRED262  +60

    One thing I will say in defence of the goats existing is in Norse Mythology, Thor has a chariot pulled by two rams, so that was a neat reference to the original mythology. The fact that the were screaming goats was definitely overplayed.