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1 in a Billion Moments

  • Жарияланды 2022 ж. 2 Мау.

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  • Sav
    Sav  +69

    EPIC FINISH... Messi, inherited the Hand of God from his forefather.. flawless execution. That long hair played a part in that trickery.

  • MrZyx
    MrZyx  +44

    Messi pulling off a Maradona was epic.

  • Woolf
    Woolf  +17

    Those ball trajectories literally give me shivers. They’re so insane…

  • Aurel Odjo


  • Apexjack

    Ahh i love the part where marcelo did a kickback across the pitch and scored

  • dxbfortune

    My best is El-Sharawi goal

  • Be Yoe
    Be Yoe  +3


  • G M
    G M  +164


  • Nesta
    Nesta  +299


  • Esam Rahman


  • OrpheusMusic

    yeah i love the part where marcelo definitely backheeled the ball into the back of the net from long distance without looking

  • dat boi
    dat boi  +210

    proud to be Malaysian... this goal

  • Simon L
    Simon L  +3

    I’m a real sucker for compilations like this, but this one is one of the most fun I have seen.

  • Micah BlackLight

    The MUSIC, and the EDITING… THANK YOU for a splendidly entertaining time with these clips. Put a big ole smile on my face 💯

  • prepaidtrash555

    Augero’s goal…the emotion is insane, electric crowd, never gets old

  • djfunkychicken

    Football fans like myself know of many other '1 in a billion' moments like these.. but it would be a 10 hour long video

  • matevz jurcec


  • CK58NPJ
    CK58NPJ  +3

    Luv it! Reminds of the time I scored in a big match from the left boundary, behind the half way line...good times!

  • Calle
    Calle  +26

    I'm a Manchester United fan through and through, always have been, always will be and yes, I know the state we are currently in lol. Can't describe nor deny the heartache of the moment when City gave the title away that game, only to steal it back in that fashion with seconds left with Aguero REFUSING to give in and snatched and crowned himself the King of Manchester and England. I can't deny the players and the fans passion, the magnitude of this sequence of events and the way it went down is very very hard to match. All the tiny details that lead up to this point and had to allign for it to happen, the entire season, against their bitter rivals, I could go on... I will never have as much love and passion for another club other than Manchester United, but that love and passion is not attainable without the love and passion for the beautiful game and when I try to watch this, as hard as I possibly can to not be biased, today I can appreciate it as one of the greatest moments in football and it sends chills down my spine... There are too many pieces that had to fall in to place to create this moment and it's undeniable no matter what your feelings may be.

  • Dino Domingos Abuchama

    Os melhores golos da historia do futebol.