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Cocaine Bear | Official Trailer [HD]

  • Жарияланды 2022 ж. 29 Қар.

Пікірлер • 8 745

  • Totally Legit Youtube Person👌

    We're living in the timeline where Ray Liotta's last role was in a movie based on a true story about a bear going on a cocaine fueled rampage.

  • jimbob junior

    Glad to see this bear getting more roles. I've been a fan since The Revenant.

  • Diaz4Prez

    Finally a movie for those of us who've been able to blend in with the other mature adults but our hearts can't deny what really amuses us

  • Cody Carini

    Finally a movie with top of the line CGI and a rich well-written plot. The way the comedy flows into the horror makes for an exceptional experience, leaving family’s just on the line of wondering what they just watched. Perfect use of an A-List actor who, since Goodfellas, has never not been taken seriously. Just an outstanding casting and downright masterpiece revitalizing confidence for Hollywood in this uncertain time. Oscar winner for sure!

  • Pat Gray
    Pat Gray  +435

    I'm glad this documentary is finally receiving the attention it deserves

  • Hazzmat
    Hazzmat  +166

    This is exactly the kind of ridiculous movie I want to see. Please make more like this! Love that Jesse Tyler Ferguson plays a cameo as a victim lol

  • Benjamin Filbert

    What an amazingly uplifting story about a timid little black bear finally learning to unwind.

  • TheHardMode


  • TusslinTom
    TusslinTom  +527

    I love how this never really happened with the real cocaine bear but this what you’d imagine from hearin the story for the first time, just the term alone “cocaine bear” it’s insane

  • Gray Rook
    Gray Rook  +66

    This looks like the most promising Comedy Horror flick we have gotten in years.

  • BasedZoop
    BasedZoop  +321

    I love how the bear did a line off that guys detached leg 😂😂😂

  • VadulTharys

    I remember when this happened, it was so freaking hilarious we made all the jokes that this movie is putting into it.

  • Julian Tapia

    If they wanted us to come running back to theaters, this is the kind of movie they should've offered sooner. I'm definitely going.

  • Jizzmo
    Jizzmo  +233

    Interesting fact: the original movie was called bear, but when the bear showed up on set for filming, he was actually on cocaine. The director loved it so much he changed the whole movie.

  • E
    E  +510

    the bear saying “it’s cocainin’ time”was the best part of the show

  • Government Sanctioned Weaponized Femboy

    While I'm mortified of bears (had a very close encounter with a grizzly when I was younger), this looks funny as hell

  • ehodges
    ehodges  +43

    I actually can’t believe this is a real movie that actually looks alright

  • Spyglass 918

    When my friend talked to me about this movie I first thought he was joking, holy shit I need to watch this.

  • SpyNix07

    This is beautiful. Best true story I've ever seen. For five minutes, from the moment this bear ate the cocaine, to the moment it died of a heart attack it was the world's apex predator. And now it's on the big screen.

  • 99 i sh
    99 i sh  +56

    What a very inspiring tale of a shy little black bear finding his peace.