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How the Europeans fought the Mongols - Medieval History DOCUMENTARY

  • Жарияланды 2022 ж. 8 Қыр.

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  • Kings and Generals


  • Jonathan Owen

    The fact that 65 year-old Carpini went all the way to Karakoum to learn of the Mongols, traveled all the way home, wrote a report on how to successfully defeat the Mongols and the response from the European leaders was “Cool read but nah I’m good” is so real life.

  • Guilherme Braga

    Carpini is such a underestimated hero. What he did was amazing. They should make a film or series about this

  • Joe Nichols

    Channels such as K&Gs, has greatly expanded my knowledge of history. This video alone is jam packed with understanding the time period. I suppose to know history is to know war. Well done K&G as always

  • Liquidsback

    Spam watchtowers/keeps, invest in monks, trash units like hussars and halberdiers are a good investment, then challenge them on water maps.

  • They Call Me Rex

    For those wondering how King Béla IV survived after the Battle of Mohi, he survived off an island off Croatia to ride out the Mongol follow up raids.

  • Redbear
    Redbear  +39

    I was reading old book ones ,about great duel between Gengis Khans elder son Jochis and Lithuanian lowlander (zemaitis). Witch Jochis lost with sustaining mortal injuries, he gave his golden sword to winner. That stopped Mongols from invading Lithuania.

  • Gordon Chard

    The monk reminds me of Robert baratheon telling cersei Lannister what would happen if they simply hid in their castles whilst the dothraki ruined the kingdoms.

  • Feherlofia85

    I have to disagree, the Hungarian strategy during 2nd Mongol Invasion was the following: people from the country side would seek shelter in the castles with their belongings, animals and as much food as possible, and hide there. Small units of Hungarian soldiers would sortie from the these castles against smaller Mongol foraging and raiding troops, and return after each skirmish behind the safety of their walls. Thus robbing the Mongols from their ability to live off the land. Meanwhile the main Hungarian forces would keep a safe distance from the invaders, but never too far to deny them the ability disperse like they did in 1241

  • Lucky Luke

    What the Mongols has done has never been done before and will never again be repeated. The most underrated empire in mankind history.

  • Panther 3per

    I hope for great expansion of all its content the best history channel by far there is not enough time in a day for such a great channel

  • Mike Modugno

    Great video! I would love to see more about Hungary, Nogai, the Cumans, and the Horde. In fact, could we see a video about what happened to the Cumans (there is, after all, a region called Cumania in the Kingdom of Hungary) in both the Christian and Islamic worlds? You guys do such a fantastic job.

  • Bangs Cutter


  • BattleHistories

    Another great video and also about a part of Europe that isn't often covered as much. Keep up the great work!

  • Justin Quilling

    Very fascinating. I live in Kraków, Poland and it is so bizarre to know the Mongols invaded and sacked this city twice!

  • Smárt Hùńgyø

    One of the most dominant and the largest land empire and I find it surprising that other history channels hardly covers it. It will be great if more channels starts covering more about Mongols, Chinese, egyptians and Indians.

  • Cetus444
    Cetus444  +323

    Giovanni del Carpine was not alone in his expedition.

  • David Borcea

    Y’all forgot the Danubian principalities and how Moldova defeated the Golden Horde

  • John Steiner

    Cappini: This is how you beat the Mongols."

  • HillBilly
    HillBilly  +56

    Another great video, K&G. This channel is my go-to channels for military history. Every evening I put a playlist together for that night and K&G vids are always at the top. Every time another K&G video comes out it just makes my day. Thanks. Cheers.