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Can you beat two Mario games with ONE controller?

  • Жарияланды 2022 ж. 28 Қар.

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  • DougDoug
    DougDoug   +808


  • Ender41948

    The fact that even Doug got annoyed at himself complaining is just comedy gold.

  • David Fischer

    This channel is plummeting deeper and deeper into actual insanity and I love it

  • Carlos A.

    I really do appreciate that it doesn't matter what the video title is, or what ends up happening in the first 2 minutes of any doug doug vid. You still never have any idea how it's going to end

  • Tycoon
    Tycoon  +1

    the fact he actually first tried it is godlike

  • pongo23
    pongo23  +3

    Doug and Chat are making new personality type tests with all these teams/crews. You could be a Z crew bottom screen Mike wazowski divorced Chatlantian who supports magic hat and fat albert and that would be completely normal. I love it.

  • Falkuzrules

    That intro made me realize that Doug's KZclip channel is still kinda food-based, even though he does almost literally nothing with food anymore, and his Twitch is still classroom-based, even though the actual "classroom" theme (which I loved by the way) lasted maybe a month or two and then he went back to just being a weird guy that sometimes pretends to be a teacher and how did he get into this school building someone call 911 immediately.

  • can of beans


  • Smug Bow Kid

    Whoever recommended Inspirobot, I salute them. They knew exactly what type of content this channel produces.

  • Rio
    Rio  +721

    He should do this again but give Chat the top screen and Chris Snack the bottom screen so they can work together after years of intense divorce filled rivalry

  • The Sided Coder

    The inspirobot part is the best thing I've ever contributed with on a stream. I'm so happy that it made it into a video!

  • NoOne Dream

    Not gonna lie, the “Your testicles are aligned with your physical self” quote had lacroix coming out of my note and my roommate concerned

  • Elias
    Elias  +294

    DougDoug is confirmed to be the king of power bottoms

  • Amrit Sodhi

    "I just gotta get a level where i dont have to run and jump at the same time"

  • bagofbags
    bagofbags  +64

    Trying not to wake everyone up by laughing at this at 5am brilliant as always luv u dogdug

  • Lone Gazebo

    I really feel like transparency was the strat. The way that first game went afterall.

  • Bobby William

    “This is why I’ve always been a bottom”

  • RomanBZ
    RomanBZ  +9

    imagine you're in twitch and you want to see your favorite streamer Doug Doug, and when you enter the stream, doug is screaming "IM GONNA EMBRACE MY PREGNANCY!"

  • Colossal Pigmy

    DougDoug is literally the Regular Show formula turned into a Twitch channel

  • Jeffery Davidson

    “I’ve always been a bottom”