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Movie Family Therapy: The Asgardians

  • Жарияланды 2022 ж. 11 Шіл.

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  • Eli Ojo
    Eli Ojo  +2

    I feel like Friga is owed an apology for the emotional labor, required to stop these hotheads from killing each other.

  • Amanda S

    While I understand why so many of Loki's scenes were cut from the first Thor film (they made him far too sympathetic to be a villain you actually rooted against), I'm sad that they got cut anyway. You get to see him bantering with Thor before the coronation and the two of them teasing each other like siblings do. You also see that he wasn't lying when he says at the end that he wasn't after the throne; during the deleted scene where he's officially made king, he's sincerely confused by what's going on. I think those two scenes go a long way toward helping explain his character too.

  • natta4
    natta4  +26

    I only watched the MCU last year out of boredom. But grew to like the Odinson storyline. Because I related so much! As I had strict traditional father who I always wanted to gain approval from. I had the jokey jock older brother who messed up a lot but could really do no wrong. I had an older sister who did what she liked and left the family dynamic early on and always had this feeling she was better than us, but she always felt separated from the rest of us. Then there's me a bit like loki, always feeling different and insecure and never really fitting in. I was close to my mother like him but our relationship was tense as she knows me best when I lash out. So many family dynamic scenes always made so much sense to me and made me reflect. People hate on the mcu, but even between the crappy cgi and overly used jokes, some of the early drama anyway stood out to me and can see why the movies connected to people universally.

  • Basic Simp

    The thing with MCU Hela is that, she was literally raised as a weapon. So all she knows is to conquer and kill because that's what she was raised for. She calls herself Odin's weapon that helped build Asgard. I'm sure she felt betrayed when Odin suddenly had a changed of heart because what other purpose can someone like "Goddess of Death" be. Plus Hela's line to the Asgardians, "I thought you'd be happy to see me..." Was the only time we saw a hint of sadness in her voice. I think she genuinely loves Asgard and thinks that conquering other realms is simply just fulfilling her purpose to them.

  • Zoe Kaiser

    I always read into the Frigga/Loki scene as Loki creating the image of Frigga himself as an illusion and talking with it like having an argument inside your head. This realization is based on the way she disappears at the end of their conversation being similar to how his illusions are normally dispelled in a shimmering green light. I think its even more powerful this way because both sides of the argument would be coming from Loki himself, but he still can't get away from his main mindset, even through conjuring up the image of his own mother to try and reason with him.

  • Martian Pudding

    I never really understood why people liked Loki so much until I binged the MCU last year, shortly after my mother died and I received multiple life changing mental health diagnoses, and now I love him so much. He was a deeply insecure boy who feared all his life that he didn't belong and that there was something wrong with him, and he was proven right and worse in a devastating way. He was already desperate for the validation he was able to get for being an asgardian, being a prince and being destined to rule, and then the first two were ripped away from him and the last heavily threatened. I don't condone warcrimes obviously but I can certainly emphasize with him for clinging to the last thing he thinks gives him worth as a person which is being a ruler. It kinda reads like someone throwing themselves in their job to an unhealthy extent after a personal tragedy.

  • Gurgle Queen

    Thor and Loki's story is an amazing and tragic story. Just when they've set it all aside, made amends and are looking towards the future together, it's all ripped away.

  • soundguys_sine qua non

    Frigga and Loki's relationship is one of my favorite dynamics in this family. Their conversation in Dark World says so much in such a short period of time. The way Loki actually turns and listens when Odin asks if he can hear her calling to him and the look on Loki's face when Odin says Frigga would be proud of him are such subtle things and yet tell us everything about his love for his mom.

  • Matt Burgess

    Odin's growling roar at Loki was an instinct by Anthony Hopkins, and Tom Hiddlestone recoiling in shock was his real reaction. It's a perfect moment, Loki himself wasn't in trouble but he was very unwelcome in that discussion.

  • cert2b
    cert2b  +1

    The funny part of when Odin kind of snarls at Loki, is that wasn't even actually in the script. The brilliant actor that is Sir Anthony Hopkins was so into character that when Hiddleston spoke he was so taken aback by the sudden noise that his look of being taken aback was completely genuine

  • Andrew Grabowski

    “You’re late.”

  • Ellen Olson

    In the Asgardian Royal Family, there are only like 2-3 brain cells, and Frigga is in possession of at least one at all times.

  • TacComControl

    The fun part here is that they're Asgardians, so the whole "Loki stabbed me" thing is... not a painful memory for Thor, it's just "Yeah, we were brothers, that's what brothers do", and when we look back at Loki, the look on his face, for me anyway, all I see in his face is "Hehehe ahhh yeah, the good old days". It's... Horrible, for everyone else there, but for Thor and Loki, it's a weird way they interact with one another. Is it Healthy? Ehhhhh, jury's out, they're space-gods, but honestly, that's just how they had fun together.

  • Amanda S
    Amanda S  +146

    ALSO, can we please talk about that scene at the end of TDW, when Loki, while pretending to be Odin, was a better dad to Thor than Odin was lol

  • LordRevan27

    I recently finsihed watching Lord of the Rings and also just watched your Gollum video! Watching this now and would love to see a video like this on Denethor, Boromir, and Faramir!

  • Suzy Q
    Suzy Q  +140

    Are we not gonna talk about how Loki basically nearly destroyed himself inside that cell when Frigga died and put up an illusion to make it seem like he was okay when in reality he fell apart when the only parent he felt loved him unconditionally died? Immediately after he told her she wasn’t his mother? How he blamed himself because he told the monster where to find Jane not knowing his mother was there? 😭😭😭

  • Nemamka
    Nemamka  +22

    The way Thor says "Loki I thought the world of you" always breaks me a little. It's so raw and honest and, meanwhile he is expressing more of a disappointment here, it's only because of the fact that Loki's 'lifestyle' AND his own were drifferent and it made them drift apart, not because he disapproves of Loki's lifestyle itself. Hell, he learns from him too. That's why Ragnarök is so special to my heart <3 Even if we drift apart we can still love each other. The fact that our lifestyles don't match so we can't spend time together anymore, or the fact that we just don't vibe anymore, doesn't mean I hate you or you hate me. Even if you think that you do because it is easier, it's not true. If we both accept that, we will grow SO MUCH and actually? That growth can allow us to stay closer a bit even.

  • Jennifer Asta

    The only thing Cate Blanchett does badly in “Ragnarok” is hide how much fun she’s having.

  • Eleanor Shakespeare

    One of the things I find interesting is that Thor is absolutely Odin's son. He's masculine and a fighter, you can see Thor hanging on to Odin's talecoat and the 2 of them unknowingly excluding Loki. So who does Loki turn to? His mother Freda. He learns magic, not martial arts, although he does that but his main go to is magic, just like his mother.