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DIY FLOOR RENOVATION *Restoring 110-Year-Old Hardwood, Laying NEW Hardwood & Herringbone Tile*

  • Жарияланды 2022 ж. 28 Мам.

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  • Janet Iremonger

    I cant help but think that the reason you have so many followers here and on your vlog is that your positivity, enthusiasm, and determination is so relatable for all of us. Watching you and Romeo as well as your mom and of course behind the scenes; your dad makes all of us so stinking proud of ya'll. We all feel like family here watching you complete this cottage and watch it come to life. You are what we all see as either a daughter, a sister or a beastie and we can't help but cheer your accomplishments through the camera. Thank you for sharing! You bring light to all our lives.

  • Quinn Puttle

    The “DIY hardwood floor plan” infographic was extremely helpful as a viewer to understand the different layers! Thank you!

  • Hannah Daguro

    When we all thought the windows took the most work, here comes the floors! It's oddly satisfying to see Macenna laying the tiles and the floorboards and if you're just watching the video you'd think it's so easy. But we all know it's not. The floors all looked so pretty. This house has come a really long way from 2021.

  • Austin Casby

    MADD respect for you taking on those floors. And the Carpenter who built those floors 100 years ago would also probably totally appreciate all the hard work that you have put back into the home. ❤️

  • Abeer Ali
    Abeer Ali  +56

    We usually use the water proofing on a small part of walls as well, about 4-5 inches high like skirting, to add a seal and keep moisture out of the cracks in between floors and walls. After this barrier, we roll out a layer or two of a thick underlay. If the floor space is too large, the underlay can be done with intervening plywood boards in order to avoid having a dip in the middle of a room with time. You can try this at the guests’ cottages later. Lastly, transition pieces can vary, and a lot of them have a tongue to be imbedded between 2 types of flooring. I just hope you left some space to accommodate. Lastly, Loving every minute of your videos, Very nice work and a superior attention to detail overall. This is exactly how I’ve been doing it. This type of work has its toll, but it’s worth every second in the end. Take your time and takes care of yourself 💐

  • Katie D
    Katie D  +280

    I’m not crying your crying over how beautiful these floors have turned out. 🥺 The dedication you, Romeo, and your parents to the art of restoring your 110 year old cottage is inspiring I hope you know how truly incredibly hardworking you all are for this beautiful dream of yours. Congratulations, on getting another major step done towards moving into your gorgeous cottage!

  • Kenna Scovell

    I don’t think I’ve ever clicked so fast in my life 😂 you are so inspiring MaCenna! And I am already looking forward to next year’s vlogmas hahah

  • champagnemommy

    I love how Momma looks so perfectly put together while doing floors. She should be on a cover of a DIY magazine!

  • San
    San  +6

    The craziest part of all is how high quality your videos are! We are literally seeing how much work you’re putting into the house. Most people wouldn’t even be able to do that, let alone have time for anything else. But you’re able to create so many videos for us! And not even quick videos, but videos with great editing, angles, lighting, everything. It’s much appreciated 💕

  • Sakina Saif

    You're so inspiring its incredible. This was probably months of planning and the execution and the detail you put into your explanations are amazing. This makes me want to buy a house and renovate it! Keep doing you girl, we love to see authentic wholesome people like you on the internet!!

  • ems0up
    ems0up  +38

    I seriously love that throughout all of this, you always use ‘us, we, ours’- fully acknowledging all of the hard work, love and dedication that your wonderful family and boyfriend put in with you!! You are a DREAM, MaCenna!! So excited for you! Love the attention to detail and your keen eye! Such an inspiration!

  • Cinderella1125

    McCenna, you, Romeo and your parents have done such an outstanding job of restoring your old house. The mental and physical demands of this project are just wow! Everything is looking so good and your floors look absolutely beautiful with such character. Well done!

  • Veronica Salazar-Garcia

    The floors are absolutely beautiful. All the aches and pains paid off MaCenna! Thanks for sharing the details, I’m inspired to do my wood floors!

  • En Casa Con Patty

    Oh my goodness! The cottage is looking amazing already. Thank you Maccena and Romeo for sharing this beautiful chapter of your lifes 🤗😘🙏🏻

  • Mary Hollenstein

    Oh my word you are one of the most patient, hard working and exacting person I know! Your home is such a labor of love! You impress me more w each video. Those floors are a work of art, truly truly. How long did you dream and plot and plan before you guys started house hunting? Your house seems to be springing full blown from your imagination. Once you walked in w keys it was like you had already made so many design decisions. So very cool to participate in this w you and all of us who check in w such excitement for every vlog. THANK YOU

  • PhoenixP
    PhoenixP  +51


  • Rebekah Hickman

    I honestly feel so proud (even just being a viewer) of what you've achieved with this house, it makes it feel like you're almost done now the floors are done, they look absolutely amazing, and the fact you keep videos coming multiple times a week for us is so inspiring, you're such a positive and enthusiastic person and I honestly think it's rubbed off on all of us, thank you for everything you're doing ❤️

  • April W
    April W  +51

    I've done all the flooring in my house including glue down bamboo floors and it absolutely KILLS your body. I'm glad the floors are almost 100% done! it looks so good and you will look at it everyday and go "I DID THAT!" so worth it.

  • Lauryn
    Lauryn  +129

    Your determination is so admirable! I can’t wait to see the finished product!!

  • Dania Done

    Can we all take a moment to appreciate the amount of work this woman has put into this project?! I’m tired just looking at her work 😅. For someone that has never done this before she’s kicking ass!! Her passion and determination has been incredibly inspiring. Congratulations on your wonderful home, MaCenna! I’ve enjoyed watching this process! 😊