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Where Did Water Come From?

  • Жарияланды 2022 ж. 26 Қыр.
  • Mercury, Venus, and Mars are all super low on water - so where did ours come from and why do we have so much of it? We think our water came from a few unlikely sources: meteorites, space dust, and even the sun.
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  • @theonebman7581

    Well, you see, when two hydrogen atoms and one oxygen one love eachother very much...

  • @nebulan

    Oceans were different in the past? Based on what I've learned from Eons, the oceans at times have been: green, purple, or covered in ice

  • @Peenyouwass

    Whoa whoa WHOA, how am I just now finding out that most of Earth's water is locked in rock, and up to 18 fricking times the amount in the oceans? Holy crap, I thought I knew stuff about stuff but I am humbled. This video also finally made me fully understand how impacts brought so much water to Earth, the key piece of information I was missing is that the Oxygen was already there! Big thank you for this one, Eons, love u

  • @babydollface
    @babydollface 2 сағат бұрын +1

    This video actually has a lot of information I had never been exposed to before! Thank you!

  • @baystated
    @baystated  +321

    This is the best Earth Water story that I have ever watched, even from cinematic space documentary series and cable channel productions. Other documentaries about the origin of water have a feel that the film makers didn't understand the details, and so skipped over most of it. Eons talks about the early sun, gravity, heat, pressure, MINERALS, time limits, and most importantly the acknowledgment that billions of years have affected the evidence left for us to study today.

  • @ChrisLee-sycly

    The more you learn about how the earth formed it just feels seems more and more improbable. The fact that we exist means these series of improbable events did happen. But the more improbable we find it to be the less likely that complex life is common outside of the solar system. It will be truly fascinating to learn of another life form one day and how they formed.

  • @DrummerDaddio

    Learning about the history of this planet, and understanding how at any point things could have taken a different trajectory, makes me so grateful to exist. It's like anti- nihilism. We are so fortunate to exist and blessed to be able to experience life on this miracle planet. We aren't just some insignificant specks in the middle of this vast, uncaring universe. We are exceptional through and through. I love this channel!

  • @user-dg6zk1cv8k

    Love, love, love this channel! Thanks for all your hard work. PBS is truly a national treasure.

  • @t.augustusromer5503

    This makes more sense to me than any other water origin explanation. THANK YOU!!

  • @jaydonbooth4042

    This felt like watching a PBS Space Time episode. Very interesting, I've wondered about water origins quite a bit lately when it's mentioned in other videos I watch but none of those have dived into it like Eons.

  • @jessegregory4667

    Just wanted to say I love the channel and the content always learning something new, and it's very easy to understand even though Ive spent my life studying as a mechanic not in this area thanks :) viewing from new Zealand 🇳🇿

  • @amosbordowitz782

    i absolutely love Kalie's presentation style. also the self deprecating humor at the end - loved it

  • @uzesamaX
    @uzesamaX  +43

    I always asked myself "how could water form if after the collision with Theia the earth surface was so hot"? Luckily I got my answer

  • @michaelmcchesney6645

    I remember watching a science fiction show years ago where, as part of terraforming Mars, comets had their orbits adjusted so that they would crash into Mars. Since comets, in the outer solar system at least, are basically dirty snowballs, that might not be a bad idea. You just need to be careful you don't accidently crash one of those comets into Earth.

  • @cristianfr3410

    Two topics that i enjoy the most, natural history and space, 2 days left for my birthday but for me, this is an anticipated gift, im suscribed to the channel and 0 regrets, amazing work and dedication, a sincere thank you for the whole team.

  • @donbucher9093

    As a chemistry/earth science teacher, I must say this video really hit home. Every kid does the decomposition of copper sulfate pentahydrate in chemistry. It’s an extra added kick to add that this is how Earth got most of its water!

  • @jonvelz4170

    I love how this episode goes far back in time and way beyond the usual paleo centric info we usually see. Chemistry is NOT my strong suit but I'm convinced Kallie can teach me anything and I will learn it.

  • @TheAnglicanAngel

    Bloody love this channel. I’ve looked into how earth got its water a few times but this was the most in depth and plausible explanation thus far, thank you for enriching our minds 😊

  • @kinw2436

    One of my most favorite episodes. I am definitely looking forward to the October 12, 2022 fun event. I also love that the comments sections of the series are characteristically respectful and convivial. Thanks from Chicago, Illinois USA

  • @n123581321

    Wasn't expecting a bunch of space talk on Eons but I am here for it and loving it