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House of the Dragon | S1 EP6: Inside the Episode (HBO)

  • Жарияланды 2022 ж. 24 Қыр.
  • Cast and crew, including Emma D’Arcy (Rhaenyra) and Matt Smith (Daemon), examine how Rhaenyra’s lies are starting to catch up with her, and the slow unraveling of Daemon’s marriage while living in Pentos.

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  • Wisterio

    I loved that Vhagar hesitated to follow Laena's order. It's one of the few times we've witnessed an emotional intelligence from a dragon thus far and I love it!

  • D C
    D C  +2

    I like how Helaena casually drops the line: "He must close one eye first". What a wonderful bit of foreshadowing.

  • Caron Stout

    I'm not Team Green or Team Black, but any woman who "requests" another women who has just given birth to get up and present her baby to her is cruel and manipulative.

  • DJKLY242

    I like how they showed the young boys oblivious to the family's quarrels. The ones you'd think are against each other get on quite well, but their families have to remind them they should not be so friendly.

  • Pranav Veluri

    Milly and Emily captured the youthfulness of Rhaenyra and Alicent and aptly showed the loss of innocence, while Emma and Olivia have perfectly displayed the adult side of the characters.

  • Brendon Smith

    Alicent getting frustrated that her husband can’t see Rhaenyra’s children are bastards is a bit comical to me😂😂💚💚

  • mst3KGf
    mst3KGf  +1

    Like the look of Vhagar they have; not only is she absolutely massive, she looks old and, well, gnarled. She shows how dragons in this world keep growing until they get so big that physics can't maintain them and then they die.

  • Mavis
    Mavis  +855

    Every woman felt it deep when Alicent commanded the newborn child be brought to her immediately.

  • Y
    Y  +221

    I love how in the earlier part of the episode they showed how even if the dragon isn’t completely bonded and under the control of the rider, it will always follow the command of dracarys in one go. Vhagar hesitating and refusing to follow the command initially shows how much Vhagar was emotionally bonded with Laena and the intensity of the bond between a rider and their dragon. Great writing.

  • Caroline Taylor

    This was an amazing episode. And my heart is breaking about Harwin, and especially Laena. I sooo wish we'd had more time with them both. I wanted to see/hear about how Laena came to be Vhagar's rider; and see more of her relationships with both Rhaenyra & Daemon. But that last scene with her & Vhagar...the most powerful in the series. It was a cathartic contrast to the first episode, with Aemma’s life decided for her by men. Laena went out on her terms, with her she-dragon. And Vhagar’s reluctance to follow her command (the closed captions called her noises “wailing) thoroughly gutted me. It’s hours later and I still feel bummed. 😭

  • Alexandra Meininger

    It's really sad because you can see Allicent helping create the situation she fears. She is conniving and treating Rhaenerya like shit, ensuring enmity between them. If she tried to make peace instead of dwelling on childhood drama it could help avoid war. She's so caught up in her own mania. She's putting her children in more danger by acting so hostile. It seems she cares more about propriety than her own family.

  • Alexandra Meininger

    I love how they designed Vhagar. Not what I expected her to look like but it works. She is so old and haggard but still mighty. She looks like a sea monster more than a dragon.

  • Sophie Schaible

    I love how Aegon is actually a really chill dude and the relationship he has with his nephews. They're just kids and the parents are the ones who ruin everything, just shows how hatred is thought

  • Mohd. Asaf Zaid

    You can see Laena’s death really shook daemon. I think he really understood laena is a perfect woman for him. Fierce, loyal and constantly lifting him up cuz i really see daemon having self esteem issues in this episode.

  • Jean, but in french

    Protect Olivia Cook at all costs, any scene with Alicent is so filled with repression so close to explode I need moreeee, rhaenyra continues to be a multilayered mess and I love it

  • FrostyBD
    FrostyBD  +86

    A couple of things I want them to explain is why they made Daemon out to be ignoring one of his kids because she isn’t a dragon rider when they established in show and the books that his family means everything to him, why they deleted the scenes of Daemon comforting and talking to his daughter after Laena death, why Harwin was banish but Cole who for no reason attacked and killed a guest of the king at a wedding celebration has nothing happened to him. Changing Laena death for me isn’t as bad as some of the other changes I disagree with but I think it was pointless as her death in the books has exactly the same emotional weight if not more than the show. The scene of Daemon probably crying like he does in this ep carrying her lifeless body down the stairs would have been poignant and further characterise not only Daemon but his relationship with her as been loving both ways.

  • Hafsa Hassan

    I was so yearning for seeing Daemon's love for Leana. Him grieving for her, crying for her. They didn't even show him shedding a tear. In the books he did all he could to save her, flying maesters on his dragon, carried her body inside, sat vigil on her for days. But here he's almost cold with her. You can't live 8 10 years with her, fly around, have two children, and not love them

  • JessDLR
    JessDLR  +616

    kinda wished they showed more of the development of rhaenyra’s relationship with ser harwin

  • MelissaIsLoud

    Emma & Olivia are absolutely fabulous. Emma even smirks and has the same mannerisms as Milly.

  • Rubaba Bagirova

    It is sad to see Daemon in this calm, not manipulative mood..He is born to make the chaos and to rule it. Can’t wait to see him in action in upcoming series. Matt Smith is so good in acting the Daemon. He’s surely the most charismatic actors in GOT universe.