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W teacher 😂

  • Жарияланды 2022 ж. 25 Қыр.
  • W teacher 😂
    (via @mrjesseprincipal/TT)

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  • RetroJake
    RetroJake  +25

    He is the best teacher for that 😂

  • ur mom
    ur mom  +462

    Props to that kid who also got sturdy with the teacher

  • ibi_Sage
    ibi_Sage  +60

    Those are the kinds of teachers that made me sad to go into a new grade cuz I wouldn’t have him anymore

  • jose herrera

    It’s hard being a cool teacher like that and still having to fail your kids with bad grades

  • Cyberpunk Models
    Cyberpunk Models 14 күн бұрын +21

    He will remember dancing with his teacher for the rest of his life😭💯👌🏽

    R DA-GAMA  +41

    When my son , primary school teacher left the school , my son cried for quite long time, my son asked me to buy the teacher a gift as souvenir and I did that.

  • randomdod

    Lets not forget that the children immediately went to help him❤️

  • Jones
    Jones  +118

    I like how the kid pushed his friend. 💀😂

  • Jay-Tee
    Jay-Tee  +44

    That was dope af 😂

  • Regista Me

    He has the type of love from the kids that says they are all going to be good while he is around

  • goldy 94
    goldy 94  +43

    you know a teacher Is good when a student goes to see if they're ok

  • graftergman
    graftergman 14 күн бұрын +3

    He must be an incredible loving teacher for the kid to care and support him like that!

  • MeW
    MeW   +3

    The kid in the blue beanie really cared, he came running to make sure the teacher was ok 😭

  • Diane Kennedy

    That kid will always remember this moment 💯

  • ENGLISH with ROBY. engVid

    You can tell his students like him and have much respect for him. They quickly rushed to help him

  • w SoaR w

    the girl still thinking he needs help 😂

  • Len
    Len  +9

    The way the kid with him pushed another kid away 💀

  • Neil Brown

    the kid that helped the teacher passed the vibe check

  • Chris Donnelly

    He will never forget how awesome this teacher was

  • Zachary Finazzo

    He is the kind of teacher where the class would still behave if he had a substitute