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Sen. Rand Paul blocks $40B Ukraine aid package

  • Жарияланды 2022 ж. 11 Мам.
  • Nexstar's Basil John reports.
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  • robert mace
    robert mace Күн бұрын +112

    Thank you Rand Paul, at least someone in Washington has some common sense

  • Bert Lamar
    Bert Lamar Күн бұрын +42

    Thank you Senator Paul, for wanting to know where this money is being spent. Our Congress is great a hiding things in their bills and wanting quick passages.

  • BlazinHot 6
    BlazinHot 6 Күн бұрын +42

    Why would anyone be against appointing an Inspector General to catalog and inventory such a large amount of money and lethal weapons? It's immoral to NOT have accounting oversight on this.

  • C. Laney
    C. Laney Күн бұрын +65

    Los Angeles homeless need a 40B package, it looks like a war zone out here

  • Louis Nealon
    Louis Nealon Күн бұрын +332

    They can always find the money when they want to EXCEPT when it comes to providing Americans with a proper (one payor) health insurance system.

    JENNI JENNI Күн бұрын +91

    40B??!! They’re out of their minds. They refuse to help Americans, but would send billions to another country..what a joke.

  • donlee37
    donlee37 Күн бұрын +267

    Something is wrong when we should just accept $40B being spent without a breakdown of where it is going.

  • Slots 3000
    Slots 3000 Күн бұрын +166

    I proudly quote Sen. Rand Paul, “My oath of office is to the U.S. Constitution, not to any foreign nation,” he said, adding, “We cannot save Ukraine by dooming the U.S. economy.” Rand Paul is simply honoring his taken oath as a United States Senator - can more?

  • Genay Stevens
    Genay Stevens Күн бұрын +104

    Some hard working Americans can't even afford their rent and they want to give 40 billion in aid to Ukraine. Hell no. You have a moral obligation to help Americans. Thank you Rand Paul!!!!

  • zak ortega
    zak ortega Күн бұрын +116

    Why aren't we asking "how are we going to pay for it?" We ask if any time we the people of the country ask for anything.

  • Phil
    Phil Күн бұрын +112

    Make sure that the big guy gets 10%

  • omnidentalstudio
    omnidentalstudio Күн бұрын +71


  • -[ S O F F Y] 🥂T[A]P Me!! to Have [𝐒]𝐄𝐗 With

    I feel Ukraine's pain and my heart goes out them deeply but 40 billion is alot to give all at once yall are so fast to give 40 billion but give us the American people a hard time with relieve funds during the state of emergency covid pandemic it took weeks even months of fighting amongst each other to approve stimulus packages for assistance it wasn't fair at all but other countries besides the US can receive millions to billions in relieve funds with no problem ijs

  • Born Again7
    Born Again7 Күн бұрын +114

    We also have a moral obligation to the American citizens of this country too. Can you imagine what $40 BILLION dollars could do to help people buy groceries, pay for gas, pay bills, and rent? It's great that we as a country want to help other countries and I can guarantee that the majority of people here think that way. We HAVE to take care of ourselves in order to take care of others.

  • Identifying Me
    Identifying Me Күн бұрын +17

    Good for you Rand!!!! Thank you!!!

  • Britney! 25 y.o - check my vidéó
    Britney! 25 y.o - check my vidéó Күн бұрын +19

    I agree 100% with Rand Paul,, we can't bail out Ukraine when we have enough trouble in our own Country, America is not a bank for other Countries...

  • Rick Harvilla
    Rick Harvilla Күн бұрын +58

    We have a moral and ethical responsibility to our own country!!

  • Narrow Pather
    Narrow Pather Күн бұрын +11

    Thank you..... "We The People" have needs that our tax dollars can fulfill! Our Veterans, Schools, Teachers, Seniors, Children, Disabled, Unemployed due to C19, those with hospital bills that are about to send them into bankruptcy for the same reason, Nurses, Minimum wage workers, Mortgage holders, Renters, Small businesses, Farmers, Truckers, Infrastructure...We have Billions to toss to others but seemingly nothing for ourselves. All we get is the responsibility of the repayment for the debts incurred at the behest of other countries, none of the benefits. .We're in an abusive relationship and masking the cuts, breaks, and bruises! If we borrow money from the bank the first thing they want to know is how we're going to spend it, and they want collateral!

  • Rich Pornsak
    Rich Pornsak Күн бұрын +26

    Rand Paul has a couple of new fans in this household!

  • Mia -T{αα}P Me!! To F.C.K W!th Me

    Finally !!! Thank God someone finally open there eyes and said NO!! ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!!! We are suffering here in America!!! Damn help us !!!