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41 Roger Federer Shots That Defied Science 🧬

  • Жарияланды 2022 ж. 7 Там.
  • Happy 41st birthday to tennis superstar Roger Federer! Here are 41 Roger Federer shots which defied science...
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Пікірлер • 956

  • MKA
    MKA  +804

    The greatest

  • Tony Robinson
    Tony Robinson 12 сағат бұрын

    Not sure he defied science, but his touch and hands are incredible! Has to be in the conversation for greatest ever!

  • Samer
    Samer  +399

    Tennis isn’t the same without him.

  • R C
    R C  +413

    Happy birthday, Roger. To me, the GOAT. The fact that he still has passion to play at this age says everything. An inspiration to so many people, myself included.

  • Hot Takes
    Hot Takes  +271

    There has never been a player with the artistry and skill of this man. I can watch his highlights any day and time.

  • Kayano Reeves
    Kayano Reeves 2 сағат бұрын

    He's considered the GOAT not just because of how many slams he has. His game speaks for itself. Jordan will always be the GOAT in the same way, no matter how many rings LeBron or Curry end up with.

  • Boney Johns

    Of the Big 3, currently most records are against Federer, but he seems to enjoy the game much more than others. He is willing to play high risk shots, take ball on half volley or even innovate new shots.

  • Ballistischer Falke

    Happy birthday Roger, one of the best players to ever grace the sport, great guy, pretty composed, stylish playing still without compromising precision, absolutely clinical. He is one of the reasons I started watching tennis, just like many others. Also the respect he has for his rivals and the spectacular games he plays against them makes him an admirable sportsman. People might argue about who is the GOAT in tennis, but the bottom line is very few get to this level.

  • Ralph Wyatt

    He uses his racquet like a an artist uses his paint brush, covering the canvas of the court with masterpiece strokes. A real treasure in the sporting world.

  • Markus Bender

    No one will ever be like him. The Hero, the Legend, the one and only, simply the GOAT.

  • Lucas Ericson

    Though he may not go down as the game’s most decorated player, I think many already see him as the greatest to ever play. Throughout the entirety of his career, he has been excellence personified. The grace he carried himself with on the court and the elegance he made his shots with will never be forgotten.

  • sarang gujarathi

    The greatest there was, the greatest there is and the greatest there will be! Happy 41 RF! ❤️

  • Ferguson
    Ferguson  +91

    No one can make tennis look this easy, it´s art.

  • Creative Guana

    Federer is an artist, an inspiration, and a legend.


    Roger literally HITS EVERY SHOT IMAGINABLE! Then he goes on to invent nee ones.

  • Santiago Chaparro

    Watching this gives me mixed emotions. It's just a reminder of how great Roger is, and the good moments he made me live. But it just makes me miss him even more, and the fact that he's 41 makes his retirement look close. Just hope the GOAT can have one last dance.

  • Yanini Rivera

    Para mí es el jugador más completo de todos los tiempos. Es increíble su sagacidad, sus movimientos, su técnica, la facilidad con que gana, su creatividad. Extraordinario!!!

  • Olly Paton

    A sporting ICON, the one and only, Roger Federer 🪄

  • dileep raghunath

    The elegance and ease with which he plays aww!! Arrogantly stylish yet so composed. Undoubtedly in his own element “GOAT” “ROGER THE IRREPLACEABLE”

  • Sungjongmyangel

    His tennis is pure art. Some of those shots defy logic but there you go Roger hits them anyways. Thank you giving me so much joy and awe watching your amazing tennis Roger. There will be no other like him.