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Process of Making Traditional Rice Cooker by Cutting Huge Stone. Korean Pot Factory

  • Жарияланды 2022 ж. 21 Қыр.
  • Process of Making Traditional Rice Cooker by Cutting Huge Stone. Korean Pot Factory
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  • @Factory_Monster

    ※This video does NOT include any paid promotion※

  • @blacksquirrel4008

    Whoever wrote the subtitles is a hero.

  • @riopira
    @riopira  +27

    Curisoso. Apesar de ser totalmente mecanizada, são artesanais, pois percebe-se a interação humana em todas as etapas, peça por peça. Muito bom.

  • @cardinalblack5964

    I can't get over the craftsmanship that goes into making these beautiful utensils. It's not the machine work so much as the people involved in the creation of the pots. Love it!

  • @nascimentorec

    Que trabalho lindo. Aqui no Brasil, conhecemos como panelas de pedra sabão, são "caras" se for comparar com uma panela tradicional, mas se vc for ver o trabalho que da para fabricar uma, ela se torna barata

  • @berjo77
    @berjo77  +161

    I’ve spent two years in Korea in early 1980s while in the Army. Hard work and tough life for everyone. Then I went back for six more years working all over the country. I’ve always toured these little manufacturers (fishing poles, reels, shoes) to see how the locals work things out. This brought back some great memories. Great video work too, kept me thinking about dalsut (hot) beebimbop. I miss Korea.

  • @reutilps
    @reutilps  +24

    Formidável! Na região onde nasci, aqui no Brasil, tem muita pedra sabão e é dela é que fazemos muitos objetos, panelas inclusive, e também o talco. Parabéns pela habilidade em lidar com máquinas pesadas em situações bem arriscadas. Sucesso e saúde!

  • @cryptoman9530

    Very cool watching the process of making these rice pots. If my eyes didn't deceive me, I think you still had all of your fingers too (working around those cutting wheels). I love the crunchy rice that you get around the edges. You have some very cool stuff on your website too. I'll pick up something for my wife. She already has some stone pot cookware, but you can never have too much 🙂

  • @pennoo
    @pennoo  +288

    Can't believe it was not sponsored. Anyhow, a solid craftmanship. Korean stone pot (called 'dolsot' - where 'dol' means stone, and 'sot' means pot) is a perfect bowl for the Bibimbap... works really well.

  • @petersteele7603

    Thank you @Factory Monster!

  • @maragonesbande

    Muito bonito esse processo de fabricação.

  • @andrzejporeda7281

    Przepiękna jest zrobiona ta robota pozdrawiam twórcę tego filmu mile i serdecznie 👍👍👍👍

  • @1gnidrag
    @1gnidrag 2 сағат бұрын

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  • @germanoradtke6849

    Que perfeição, muito lindas as panelas.

  • @EdwinWiles

    Great video! Well-paced; the subtitles are perfect and give a taste of what it was like to be there. Like another, I am curious if they try to do anything with the offcuts. I could see the rough ends being redone as coasters for hot pots so they don't burn the table. Maybe another craftsman could use them?

  • @clovisrossi1740

    incrivelmente bem elaborados. vale cada centavo. parabens mil vezes

  • @solangeoliveira7398

    Estou aq perdidamente maravilhada com isso ,que trabalho perfeito que todos vcs que fazem isso esta de parabéns, deve ser um serviço muito pesado parabéns a todos uma panela dessa eu queria

  • @jkr3008
    @jkr3008  +103

    Can't even imagine amount of labor put in this back in the day, where workers didn't have all that fancy machinery.

  • @user-fk6su8vt4z

    Потрясающее видео! Невообразимо трудолюбие и добросовестность, затрата физических сил и выносливость в этом производстве.

  • @luizabdo5397

    Excelente trabalho! Resultado do produto satisfatório. Parabéns aos trabalhadores desde aqui do Brasil 🇧🇷.